Think Local, Act Local: Media Ecologist Jack Myers on Seizing the OOH Opportunity (Video)

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Jack Myers, Media Ecologist and Founder of MediaVillage recently joined OAAA CEO Anna Bager to discuss the outlook and opportunities for the OOH industry. Despite analyst predictions for a sustained downturn, advertising has recovered quickly since 2020 and OOH has rebounded the most, indicating a resilience and agility that speaks to the basic need of reaching people where they are.

As brands are thinking of themselves in terms of regions and communities, OOH as an industry can relate with much more logic than other media, using innovative ways to communicate with buyers. Adopting a "think local, act local" approach that prioritizes community, OOH creates an always-there, always-on, brand-safe opportunity for advertisers to connect with consumers through a powerful combination of audience, location and creative.

With digital transformation comes a new era of the agency/media buyer/marketer workforce, and finding the execs that are controlling the budgets is becoming more and more difficult. For a platform that has so much to offer, how can we find those people? Jack maintains that we "need those personal relationships," which is good news for the OAAA as trade associations are more likely to get access to decision makers and get on their schedules. Of equal importance, making sure they understand the role and position of OOH in the context in which they are doing business whether it is how OOH fits into audio or digital will empower OOH players to make the best use of time with the leaders who are making decisions.

Explore more on each of these topics plus recommendations on an 80-15-5 approach to navigating the future in the webinar, Jack Myers Media Outlook: "Carpe Diem. Seize the Opportunity."

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