TNT's "Claws" Nails It
By Ainsley Andrade

Let me go ahead and say this right off the top: Claws is f**kin’ fire.  I know I’ve climbed to mountaintops and screamed similar things about other shows in the past, but I am truly enamored with Cl... read more

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Lunch at Michael’s with Scripps Networks’ Burton Jablin

Upfronts Still Matter, Despite Sea of Advertising Choices

Small Data from Cannes 2017
By James Dix

The title refers to a book at a media agency hospitality suite last week. As Cannes is not for presenting and assessing big data, but for collecting nuggets across disparate disciplines (“small data... read more

Internet-Connected Devices Up, TV Viewing Down, Ad Loads Stable - Pivotal Research

Video: Catherine Warburton's Advice to TV Networks

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