To Discover the Future of Car Advertising, Look to the Past

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In an increasingly digital world we learn that we are hyper-connected by location through data and information.  We're also connected through our histories and our human experience -- yet when we try to imagine the "next big thing" in advertising or the key to launching successful creative campaigns, as an industry we are always looking towards the future.  What if the messages that resonate most with your buyers are rooted in the past?  

This was the question that Ford asked itself when it launched its "Built Ford Proud" campaign with Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston last week.  We are hyper-obsessed with the future, but who really knows what the future may hold?  "Talk doesn't get things done, building does," the ad proclaims.

While AI and driverless car technology may be the latest shiny objects, a campaign is only as good as the product and vision it is built upon.  In fact, the latest Ford campaign is a reinterpretation of its hallmark slogan, "Built Ford Tough."  The new ads come at a difficult time for Ford after sales have been lagging this year.  But the company has succeeded in repositioning itself with its creative campaign.  The ad builds upon the reputation, experience and time Ford has invested in creating its product and vision.  "Built Ford Proud" is also rooted in the human connection and the decades of relationship-building Ford has invested in its customers.  The campaign walks audiences through a timeline of not only how Ford was built but where it's headed in a future of connected cities.

So, when we're looking at creating the next generation of campaigns, the past can really help to inform the present.  In his panel November 27 at the Marketing Automotive conference during the Los Angeles Auto Show, Outfront's Andy Sriubas will be discussing how data and location inform targeted out-of-home ads, reaching new demographics and resonating with consumers.  And at this time of mounting distrust in digital -- what are you doing with my data??? -- how brands can leverage data to connect with their audience.  He will also talk about how past successful ads can inform future campaigns.

Data, technology and connectivity inform the best and most timely advertising campaigns.  But so does research, mining your brand's history and learning from the past about what best resonates with your audience.  In this age of connectivity, the most important connection is human.  With that said, we hope to see you and connect with you in person in Los Angeles and discuss with you IRL how the past can inform your future.

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