Top Things We are Hearing at CES

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Diving into the wild ride of CES, Jeff's list spills the beans on all the crazy talk swirling around the tech playground.

  1. Have you been to the Sphere yet?
  2. What is going on at VideoAmp?
  3. Do you think those macarons from NBCUniversal are leftovers from Adweek?
  4. Why would anyone hold an event so far from the center of the Strip?
  5. CTA says 130,000 visitors are here but Central Hall looks light this year.
  6. How can AI be in everything? It's only been a year.
  7. Wow! Eureka Park and the country specific Expo area is packed.
  8. How can I enter the contest to win that TCL QD-Micro LED 115" screen?
  9. Before the Floor opened: Seriously, who would want a Transparent TV. After the Floor opened; I am so getting a transparent TV!
  10. Was that Stevie Wonder checking out robots or was that a Stevie Wonder robot?
  11. SK has such a crazy, amazing space. I mean they built an amusement park with a train, a mini-Sphere and a real Universal Studios like simulator in Central Hall. Oh, by the way, what does SK do?
  12. What is a "Ballie"?
  13. Oh, I never made it to the show floor (said by every media sales rep).
  14. What's a digital twin?
  15. My feet. My poor, poor feet.
  16. I am so tired. Chandelier Bar at Cosmo? Sure!!!
  17. I can't believe Google is actually doing it (getting rid of the cookie). We are so not ready.

But Wait. That's Not All…

  1. I hate Vegas. But I can't wait to come back in 3 weeks for the Super Bowl.

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