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Marketers need millions of video impressions.

But for a moment, let’s put marketers and advertising aside. Instead, let’s discuss something bigger and probably more important. Let’s talk about how we as a society need to have and to continue today’s important conversations.

How can we best discuss, listen to and engage in all of the vital issues and opportunities of the day, given rapidly shifting media consumption habits? How can we best communicate the topics that change and challenge us with ever-increasing changes in how we consume the powerful communications tool of TV/video? And how do we start a conversation, then get it to grow into millions of discussions and tens of millions of communicated impressions?

Video impressions!

In today’s world, the right conversations die if we cannot spark them everywhere. We know video has been our powerful initiator of discussion, debate and vital information. Yet, viewers are cutting the cable cord and shaving it. The recent news from CBS and HBO of bringing their product direct to the consumer is paradigm shifting, upsetting the long established models of distribution and consumption. Everyone is consuming a litany of video devices and a plethora of platforms. Society is more mobile, out and about more than ever.

The chance of creating dialogue and action via traditional TV is still possible, but as we know less probable! Therefore, we need to start conversations in the new places where people and video co-exist -- where people see video content and where they spend their daily lives …where they work, play, shop, eat, exercise, entertain and where they share ideas. And on all of the devices and in all of the locations where today’s eyeballs, hearts and mind are open and ready to receive.

In fact, the White House is doing just this.

The It’s On Us campaign to stop sexual assault on campuses, featuring celebrities and strongly promoted by the White House, is using the power of digital place-based media to spark andpromote a critical conversation. The Pvblic Foundation, which organized this campaign, worked with the DPAA and Agency 672 to tell an important story by accessing video screens everywhere. ZOOM Fitness Screens, Verifone Taxi Cabs, National CineMedia and others showcased this important cause on screens in their venues throughout the county.

And advertisers are employing the same powerful techniques. Many marketers are seeing “Video is the new day-part,” as coined by Colgate. They are enacting video agnostic planning and video holistic buying. As technology has borne a cornucopia of video choices, the video advertising ecosystem is rising to these new sets of challenges and opportunities.

Advertisers are now seeking to accumulate video impressions across all screens, following today’s consumers. In fact, a recent ANA/Nielsen analysis revealed that by 2016, half of all ad campaigns will be multi-screen. The report defined multi-screen as incorporating desktop, mobile, TV and digital place-based media.

Some of the most powerful screens available to advertisers have become those of digital place-based media. Marketers place their ads adjacent to relevant, informative and entertaining programming in malls, airplanes, airports, restaurants, office buildings and more. Additionally, these networked screens are Nielsen rated, reaching more A18-49 viewers on a monthly basis than the top 25 prime time network shows and the top 20 basic cable networks.

Further, the recently highlighted digital online fraud issues do not exist in digital place-based advertising. And these screens are all “above the fold,” fully viewable in all of their locations.

Together we can learn and see all of this, as breakthrough marketers, agencies, tech companies and researchers discuss and debate today’s important topics at this year’s Video Everywhere Summit on November 4 in NYC. In fact, Kyle Lierman from the White House will be there to showcase their involvement with the DPAA, the medium and the “It’s On Us” campaign. Join the DPAA with industry leading speakers from Coca-Cola, American Express, Starcom MediaVest, Havas, Under Armour, Adweek, Ad Age, MediaPost, Rubicon Project, Talk Stoop and more at the Summit.

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Barry Frey is the President and CEO of the Digital Place Based Advertising Association.

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