Video of the Week: Kitten Watching a Horror Movie

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Had enough of Chewbacca Mom? Lately she's everywhere you turn. Candace Payne is arguably the first major video star of the summer thanks to the overwhelming reception to this video, which has also been a priceless publicity coup for Kohl's. Payne's video is now the most watched Facebook Live video ever. Fittingly, it landed her in a skit on CBS' "Late Late Show" with host James Corden and surprise guest J.J. Abrams (who knows a little something about Wookies) and on ABC's "Good Morning America" where, in an interview with Robin Roberts, she explained that the Chewbacca mask, which she purchased on a whim, was "calling to her" from her Kohl's shopping bag. So more power to Payne -- who, which that infectiuos laugh, should be parked in the studio audience at tapings of every three-camera sitcom. But there are other furry faces online that are just as infectiously funny, and they aren't made of plastic.  

Case in point: The kitten in the video above, recorded while watching a horror movie. (If you listen closely enough it sounds like it might be a scene from one of those unremarkable "Psycho" sequels.)

There is already some debate on YouTube about whether or not the audio was dubbed to make it appear that the kitten was transfixed by something scary when in reality it might have been watching or playing with a toy. But who cares? If that's true this video is a nifty little masterpiece of technical tomfoolery. Regardless, the little guy's reactions are priceless.

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