Virtuality in the New Work Reality

By The Myers Report Archives
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Almost unbelievably, the world of bifurcated office presence is nearing a two-year anniversary this winter. Although the post-pandemic health risks have lessened with vaccines and the evolution of the COVID pathogen, the realities of a protracted period of virtual work have forced numerous debates in the U.S. ranging from work/life balance and job satisfaction to the value of proximity and innovation. Amid this discourse, The Myers Report conducted significant research specific to the ad-supported media community to understand how industry professionals are now thinking about this important issue.

At the heart of the matter is a redefinition of corporate life, one that achieves the optimal balance between flexibility and productivity. Whether you're scanning Linked In or reacting to the Twitter-verse, corporate news has boomerang-ed this year from deconstructing and solving for the "the great resignation" to tactics that combat "silent quitting." The issues and implications are layered and salient for all parties.

From June to September 2022, The Myers Report surveyed over 2500 ad-supported media professionals about their attitudes toward multiple workplace transition topics, including virtual work and live presence on the job. While many studies have been conducted on the general topic of virtual work, TMR's findings provide a baseline understanding of current sentiment that is specific to the ad-supported media industry.

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