What Does Nielsen Voter Ratings Predict for the Primaries?

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I have consulted the tarot cards and they say that Bernie Sanders will win the Iowa primary. But this prediction is not rooted in data, so there is still time to target potential voters by using Nielsen's Voter Ratings. Nielsen has just released an enhanced, cross-platform version of the solution this week. This syndicated solution enables buyers and sellers to tackle reach more strategically and better understand potential voters' media preferences.

Voter Ratings Enhancements

The main data sources in the Voter Ratings arsenal include Nielsen National and Local TV, Audio, and Digital, as well as important secondary sources such as nationwide voter-registration data. "Nielsen Voter Ratings combines advanced meter technology, big data, people-powered panels, and voter registration data to provide persons-level, monthly voter-based insights," noted Peter Bradbury, executive vice president, media, at Nielsen.

According to Nielsen's recent announcement, Voter Ratings measurement capability has now expanded into all 208 TV DMAs by incorporating Code Reader and RPD+ markets, similar to and compatible with standard Local TV measurement protocol. Further, Voter Ratings can make use of voter target segmentations available in Local Nielsen Media Impact for cross-media planning and optimization for political advertising.

Voter Ratings Mechanics

How does it work? It all starts with a media plan by the candidates designed to target key persuadable voter segments — whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, or unaffiliated — before they vote in any national or local election. What Voter Ratings offers is greater insight into what content the specific voter segments are consuming, so advertisers can target their messages to the right audience at the right time.

"We're so excited to offer this enhanced solution that will give insights into voters' media preferences and behaviors," Bradbury explained. "Nielsen Voter Ratings integrates our TV and Audio panels with voter registration data to offer voter segments unique to Nielsen, a potential game-changer in today's dynamic political climate. With the presidential primaries beginning in February, this timely solution will facilitate the ability to reach custom segments of key voters."

Voter Ratings Advantages

Now that Voter Ratings includes every DMA, this Nielsen system boasts scale, coverage, and a highly accurate representation of all voter types and their viewing styles, such as broadcast-only and over-the-top homes. It helps advertisers uncover unique programs, networks, stations, and digital properties that will reach and resonate with their key voter audiences.

"The Nielsen Political portfolio includes National TV Voter Ratings, as well as local TV and audio voter ratings, local consumer and media insights from Nielsen Scarborough, and Nielsen Media Impact for local cross-platform planning and optimization for TV, radio, and digital." Bradbury said. "Whatever the party affiliation, gender, or age of the voter, Nielsen Voter Ratings delivers persons-level granularity that provides greater insights and a deeper understanding of how the voting public consumes media."

The value of being able to hyper-target a specific voter segment cannot be understated. "According to Pew Research, only 7 percent of American voters are independents and non-leaners," political pundit and MediaVillage columnist Erich Prince explained. "With such a polarized political landscape, the ability to target that small important segment of people is key. If you can do that effectively, that would be a sought-after solution for political advertisers."

So, is Bernie Sanders a shoo-in in Iowa? Better ask Nielsen.

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