What’s Ahead for the IAB? An Interview with IAB CEO David Cohen - Part 1 (Video)

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The IAB has had a very busy First Half of 2023. The year started off with IAB CEO David Cohen publicly shaming Apple (see: IAB Declares War on Apple) at their Annual Leadership Summit, for harming the entire digital ad ecosystem via Apple’s strong stance on privacy, while simultaneously building out their own addressable advertising ecosystem. The IAB Tech Lab has introduced and/or updated several new standards including data clean rooms, launched its Advanced TV Commit Group with the purpose of creating standards to make every TV environment addressable, released a Sustainability Playbook for programmatic, and with the IAB’s Legal Affairs Council launched a Privacy Implementation & Affairs Council.

I sat down with Cohen to discuss the top takeaways from Cannes, the ramifications and outcomes of his discussions with Apple, the recent ANA report that lambasted “made for advertising” sites and reinvigorated discussion among top marketers on whether or not the Open Internet (aka open ad exchanges) are truly viable or too fraught with risk.

Cohen also looks back at his tenure at the IAB to date and reflects on his proudest accomplishments in this, the first of a two-part session. Don’t miss this informative and important interview.

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