Why 20th Television Chose WiO to Offer TV Advertiser Engagement

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Over the past several years marketers have been presented with various technologies designed to optimize advertising on mobile. And, it seems like forever, they have been presented with ways to optimize advertising on television. Mobile alone provides strong engagement but needs a driver to insure delivery of the right message, at the right time -- at scale.

We know this is the right problem to solve; we have been waiting for the right tech solution -- a solution that brings together the ease and transactional value of mobile with the scale and impact of television.  Advertisers need to drive mobile commerce and to promote engagement and connectivity.  That promotional driver is media.  Television is the strongest medium to reach mass audiences quickly and effectively and therefore to drive masses of consumers to mobile.

When 20th TV was researching the landscape for tech partners, we had several criteria.  Primarily, we were looking for ways to make our linear TV offering dynamic and interactive while connecting our advertising clients to their consumers.  It was, however, of chief importance to accomplish this with the absolute least minimal effort for our viewers and minimal implementation for our advertisers.

We chose WiOffer (WiO), which optimizes consumer engagement by easily connecting TV and mobile.  The WiO app is designed to generate a response, simply and efficiently.  WiO technology includes voice and text input making engagement fast and immediate.  The app provides an array of options for consumers to discover product offers, savings and information.

WiO is also accountable, providing extraordinarily granular reporting and analytics.  Advertisers buy keywords that appear in their commercials and pay for each engagement as each keyword is used.  WiO reporting shows creative by keyword, actions, time and geo-location and dashboards track where and when the consumer engages, what they’ve engaged with and what transactions they’ve made.

There is no time element involved -- once a consumer is aware of a brand’s keyword on WiO, they can either say it or type it -- at any time -- get to a landing page and be behind the click where an advertiser can then do what they will with the consumer.  The consumer can say or type the keyword immediately after the media exposure, wait till they are in the store at point of sale, or any time in between.

Previously, we’ve seen advertisers try to encourage a direct advertising response through write-in, call in or entering a Web address.  WiO is simpler and faster than QR codes, SMS texting, ACR and various other methods that have not caught on in the US.  

Television is the most powerful medium, mobile the most transactional.  20th Television in partnership with WiO offers advertisers the ability to use the power of TV to drive transactions on mobile for optimal consumer directed engagement.

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