Will the Upfronts Have a Live Audience in 2023?

By The Myers Report Archives
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When it comes to attending live industry events, there is still a fair amount of skepticism in the workforce. Last summer, The Myers Report surveyed over 2500 industry professionals about their perspectives on a variety of industry transition topics, including attendance at conferences and large industry events. Fifty-five percent (55%) of TMR's survey respondents agreed that it is important for the media and advertising industry to meet and engage at in-person industry functions.

At barely a majority of respondents, however, this suggests that a fair number of professionals still have reservations about co-mingling in person. In a follow-up QuickPulse study in September 2022, The Myers Report learned more about the 2022/23 events that industry professionals are planning to attend both live and virtually. Advertising Week, CES and the Upfronts/NewFronts topped our ranker of annual events. But will attendees be live or virtual?

Read on to find out…

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