YouTube Re:View -- What People Have Been Watching This Week (1.24-1.31)

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Missed out on some of what's happening on TV, online and across the news over the past week?  With the sheer amount of digital content that's out there, it's difficult to keep on top of what's got people talking.  With this in mind, YouTube has devised a newsletter to help keep people up-to-date – YouTube Re:View.

YouTube Re:View is an email, delivered weekly, that informs its readers about some of the most watched and talked about clips that arose over the past week -- so that they're not left out of the loop.

So, what have people been watching on YouTube?  Clips from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live and Ellenmake up some of the most watched and talked about videos of the past week.

The common denominator between the aforementioned clips is that they were all broadcast on traditional television and then repurposed for digital distribution, where they have the opportunity to find a new audience.  

YouTube also keeps an eye on what's trending in the ad world on the run-up to Super Bowl LIII.  For the twelfth consecutive year, people have turned to YouTube AdBlitz to watch, share and cheer for their favorite ads before the kick-off of the biggest game in American football.

Catch up on this week's videos below, and if you'd be interested in receiving weekly updates on what's trending on YouTube, sign up for YouTube Re:View.

The Tonight Show: Matt LeBlanc Reveals the Friends Props He Stole from the Set

When Matt LeBlanc had his final audition for Friends, the only competition was a cowboy. Watch him give more behind-the-scenes details.


Ellen:  James Corden Still Thinks He'll Get Fired from The Late Late Show

Ellen DeGeneres just called James Corden "unbelievably talented."  Hear what else the two comedians discussed.


NBC News:  President Donald Trump Announces Deal to End Shutdown, Reopen Government

The government shutdown is over -- for now.  See President Trump's speech from the White House Rose Garden.


The Odd1sOut:  Hobbies

TheOdd1sOut's new animation will show you why it's okay to try out -- and quit -- a bunch of different hobbies.


Saturday Night Live:  Air Traffic Control

Only SNL could turn an emergency plane landing into a hysterical spoof about heavily accented air traffic controllers.


YouTube AdBlitz:  Top 5 Trending Super Bowl Ads

5. Michelob Ultra -- The Pure Experience | Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Super Bowl 2019



4. Tostitos --Tostitos Public Super Bowl Announcement – Millions :15



3. Budweiser -- Budweiser | Wind Never Felt Better | 2019 Super Bowl Commercial



2. Devour Foods -- Devour Food Porn | Big Game 2019 Uncensored



1. Old Spice -- Old Spice:  Running on Empty | Old Spice



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