Visible CMO Minjae Ormes: When Phone Service Disruption Is a Good Thing

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Have to love Minjae Ormes' Twitter bio: "Neither a Ninja or Minaj."  But based on my recent conversation with her, I'm still going with "marketing ninja," evidenced in part by the smart out-of-home campaign she implemented in L.A. to launch Verizon's Visible, a new disruptor phone service.  As the current Chief Marketing Officer for Visible, the previous Global Head of Partnerships for YouTube and an all-around ally to aspiring female leaders everywhere, Ormes is blazing a trail across the digital landscape with her own unique brand of "disruptive marketing."  In this episode of Insider InSites, hear how her journey as an immigrant, academic and industry professional led to success in building communities and communicating with consumers (even through some old school means).  If the edited topline below leaves you wanting more, the full version of the podcast is available here -- or listen anywhere you get your podcasts: Spotify, iHeartRadio, GooglePodcasts, Apple, Stitcher and TuneIn.

Ormes walked me through how they are communicating an invisible concept: that Visible is a virtual one-stop shop, with everything from SIM cards to cellphones available with a click on an app.  "Your phone is our storefront," allowing users to "come visit us any time," she explained.  Pictured below is one of the creative OOH strategies Ormes and her team recently utilized to communicate to L.A. commuters the concept of "This Is a Phone Store" and the message that with Visible's digital model, one can sign up for and manage phone service from anywhere.

Here are more highlights of our discussion.  Notice how her unique blend of left brain, right brain thinking has influenced her ability to connect and communicate, and how that ultimately guided her career.

  • Women supporting, lifting and mentoring one another in the workplace helps build future leaders is key for Ormes. "For me, the personal motivation behind wanting to really champion women is because of everything that I have benefited from and received and the people who have really pulled me along their journey.  I want to also put seats at the table for them."
  • Her experiences as an immigrant and world-traveled woman played into her role of forging communities.  She explains that it's important to show "empathy and aperture to be more understanding of what other people might be going through because sometimes I was on the receiving end of being misunderstood."
  • While having a set plan to establish one's brand within a community is urgent work, Ormes discusses the importance of letting consumers discover Visible organically through social platforms, such as Reddit and Twitter.  And that means embracing the good, the bad and the ugly comments that pop up along the way.

Note:  Many thanks to MediaVillage's Hayley Virgil for contributing to the show notes compilation!

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