Brand Safety and Audience Analytics Top Cost Efficiency in Importance to Marketers and Media Agencies

In a follow-up series of interviews with marketers, agency executives and media sellers, the lack of consistency in decision-making priorities of different constituencies was identified as a major industry problem.  "Clients ask for enhanced data intelligence, highly focused audience targeting, and a brand safe environment," commented a senior agency media buyer, "but at the end of the day, the decision-making comes down to delivering measurable cost efficiencies."  The challenge to media sales organizations is to assess where to focus their investments, marketing communications and organizational capital.  For media agencies, which are confronted with clients placing them under constant pricing pressure, its to balance and focus their business priorities.  Marketers demand brand safety, yet depend on analytics delivered by YouTube and Facebook that argue for the wider reach among targeted audiences that they promise.  And while marketers claim cost-efficient pricing is lower on the totem pole of factors that enter into their decision-making, those who deal day-to-day with them would argue with their claimed priorities.

Jack Myers

Jack Myers is the nation’s leading Media Ecologist and is an Academy and Emmy Award nominee for Best Documentary Feature, author of four books and executive producer of GE Focus Forward Films, winner of the Tribeca Film Festival Disruption Award. His... read more