CES 2018 Offers Much to See in Advertising and Media

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CES, held in Las Vegas from January 8-12, is the premiere international conference for those in the consumer technologies and media/advertising space.  For decades, countless ground-breaking innovations have been featured at CES, and 2018 will surely not disappoint.  MediaVillage has selected a few excellent exhibitions, panels and experiences in the media, advertising and marketing space that are worth stopping by during your time at CES 2018.

You’ve read their thought leadership content on MediaVillage. Here are just a few of our member companies you can visit in person:

  • A+E Networks - Aria Hospitality Suites 
  • Nielsen - Aria Hospitality Suites
  • GroupM - SV10
  • Turner - Q
  • Hulu - Aria Hospitality Suites
  • Scripps - CP-22, Titian 2203 
  • Oath (Engadget) - GL-12
  • Oath (Techcrunch) - SV-3, SV-3a
  • SNAP - Aria Hospitality Suites
  • IPGMedia Lab– Westgate Hospitality Suites
  • MediaLink- 50104, Bluethorn 4, Bluethorn 5, Bluethorn 6, Bluethorn 7, Bluethorn 8, Bluethorn 9, Bristlecone 10, Registration 1B

There is also a plethora of interesting panels to visit while you are at CES. Here are just a few that are worth checking out:

Be sure to keep a look out for MediaVillage among the anticipated 180,000 attendees.  You’ll find the team all in one place on January 10 at Jack Myers KnowledgeExchange's important initiative, the Advancing Diversity Honors from 4-8 p.m. at Caesars Palace. For more information on joining us there.

Photo: Nicola Tolin on Unsplash

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