Joining Forces to Create Addressable Measurement Standards

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Cross MediaWorks, parent company of Cadent, one2one Media and TCA, is partnering with TV data analytics firm, 605, to advance addressable by creating a new measurement standard. Not only will this effort promise to scale the addressable television marketplace, it will also create an independent, third party verification of performance to standardize impressions - based television campaigns and actionable insights.

Nick Troiano (pictured bottom right), Chief Executive Officer, Cross MediaWorks, and Ben Tatta (pictured bottom left), Co-Founder and President of 605, explained their joint vision and approach:

Charlene Weisler: What are the expectations from this partnership?

Nick Troiano: At Cross MediaWorks our main objective is to make it easy for TV buyers to understand and use Advanced TV solutions. Our new agreement with 605 will help us build a seamless solution to utilize important data and inventory providers in the Advanced TV space, making it easier for brand marketers to add targeting capabilities to their traditional TV buys. 605 has an expansive data portfolio that allows Cross MediaWorks clients to better target on TV.

Ben Tatta: This partnership centers on the development of a standardized approach to planning, measuring and optimizing audience-based ad campaigns on TV - executed on either an addressable or optimized-linear basis.

Weisler: What datasets are being used and how will they be integrated into Cadent's business?

Troiano: We work with more than 200 MVPDs across the country and have access to more than 100 million TV households. The new solution with 605 allows our clients to home in on a specific target audience and go beyond simple segmentations, like age and gender, on a tremendous scale.

Tatta: Cross MediaWorks will leverage 605's census-level viewership data, combined with a vast array of third-party audience attributes including both behavioral and transactional data-sets.

Weisler: Will it be guaranteed?

Troiano: We work with all our clients to make sure they reach their target audience and are happy with their campaign results, but do not offer specific guarantees.

Weisler: Any challenges in implementing the data?

Tatta: 605's core data platform was designed to transform raw TV tuning records into refined, measurement-grade, match-able data. We've worked closely with Cross MediaWorks on the design and implementation of these new capabilities to ensure they can now take advantage of more robust data and measurement in a more seamless and scalable way.

Weisler: What are the next steps?

Troiano: Evangelizing and helping educate clients. The evolution of TV targeting is still fairly new, but is real and actionable today. We look forward to working with clients to help them reach their target audience at scale on TV.

Tatta: While the initial focus of the partnership is on the introduction of standardized planning and measurement for audience-based TV campaigns, the next phase will encompass more advanced campaign analytics, including brand and sales attribution, ROI analytics, etcetera.

Weisler: What have been the reactions from the clients? 

Troiano: Overwhelmingly positive – clients are excited to scale the business and really zero in on their target audience.

Tatta: This partnership was based solely on client and market demand for more robust targeting and measurement solutions for TV.

Weisler: Can you give an example of how it will be executed?

Troiano: I will provide you with an example of how we work with an Auto client – for both Cadent and one2one Media: With Cadent, we provide an efficient broad reach campaign on TV – then follow up in another campaign to target a specific audience of consumers who are looking to buy a car and target the specific days, times and networks that audience watches. With one2one Media using addressable advertising, we target specific households of that same audience with the same message. By utilizing 605 data we can create an independent, third-party verification of performance providing a standardization of an impressions-based television campaigns.

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