Media Industry: Dazed and Generationally Confused

By The Myers Report Archives
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I continue to be fascinated by the two worlds in which media sales and marketing organizations live.  One world is populated by Gen Z and young Millennials working at media agencies who began their media career post-2012 and the other is composed of agency professionals who began their career before 2003.  In the middle is a confused landscape of generationally ambiguous Millennials who are still in the formative years of their career and seemingly conflicted by the growing disparities between their younger and older colleagues.  The Myers Report asked 745 agency and advertiser media decision-makers to rate 82 media companies on eight performance attributes.  Restricted to evaluating only companies with which they do business, robust responses on 76 of those companies generated a sufficient base to allow for comparative analyses included in The Myers Report's Leadership Report.  On average, among all 76 companies and eight attributes, fewer than one-third of total agency and advertiser respondents rated media companies as excellent.  Compounding the industry's ability to address and improve perceptions are generational inconsistencies driven by the conflicting priorities of linear and digital media, legacy and advanced business models, data disruption and the lack of a coherent set of industry standards.  MyersBizNet member company executives can continue reading for specific generational data, visit past reports at and download the Leadership Report after logging in with their MediaVillage username and password.  To access your login information, contact

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