Screenvision Media Provides Small Businesses a Starring Role

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Screenvision Media and movie theaters have a longstanding commitment to community businesses across America.  Whether featured in the movies, advertised on screen or patronized by moviegoers, small businesses are part of the fabric of the moviegoing experience.  However, though they are an important part of our economy and often serve as key community hubs, small businesses have been faced with myriad challenges to compete, let alone survive.  With local marketing spend at $152.2 billion annually according to BIA/Kelsey, there is a real opportunity for Screenvision to play a supporting role to help them break through the clutter and maximize the impact of their messaging.  This is an important goal as well for the Small Business Association, which acknowledges it can be difficult for these companies to effectively market themselves.

In conjunction with National Small Business Week, which begins April 29, Screenvision is doubling down in its efforts to make local companies stars at the movies.  It is elevating, championing and evangelizing the contributions of small businesses via its 40 foot "megaphone" and the company's symbiotic connection to the local community comprised of some 2,500-plus movie theaters across 94% of U.S. DMAs.  In fact, Screenvision exhibits 5,000-plus small business clients within its preshow annually.

Screenvision is banking on its findings that moviegoers care about small businesses which shows:

  • Forty-six percent like learning about locally owned businesses
  • Nearly 75% of moviegoers say it's important to support their local community
  • More than 50% say they support their local community by shopping local
  • Small business owners themselves are among moviegoers, with 52% of them likely to go to the movies once a week or more

Source: Screenvision Internal Sources, SVM Proprietary Research

Under an internal umbrella of "Reel Local," Screenvision Media is seeking to unlock more big screen opportunities for small business to optimize this already receptive and primed audience.  To that end, it is introducing new initiatives to increase the frequency and impact of local with moviegoers including, through a self-serve ad model, custom interstitial adjacencies and mobile re-targeting.  In addition, Screenvision is rolling out a feature series to spotlight small business called "Corner Stories" (a concept tested in 2017).  The new Corner Stories program will be year-round and multi-pronged, including:

  • A regular segment within the Front+Center preshow
  • A podcast hosted by actor and entrepreneur Greg Grunberg
  • A series of hosted Q&As held at theaters; hosts may include Scrrenvision Media executives and members of local Chambers of Commerce 

"Cinema advertising has long been a part of the media and marketing plans for small businesses," said Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer of Screenvision Media.  "However, we recognize the increased challenges facing them, and we decided to challenge ourselves to create as much impact and opportunity on our screens as possible for them.  We have an expertise in helping brands gain awareness and stand out, and we are now dialing up these efforts.  I feel that our 'Reel Local' initiatives are well-timed, and I am looking forward to building a portfolio of solutions for these community tentpoles"

A national promotion linked to Corner Stories will begin on May 3 at the New York Small Business Expo as part of Small Business Week, where qualified businesses can nominate themselves to be the first company featured in Corner Stories.  An advisory panel including Screenvision executives, movie theater owners and Greg Grunberg will select the winner, and Screenvision Media 40 Foot Solutions will produce the segment. The winner will be featured in a Corner Stories spot slated to air across the country beginning on the July 4th weekend.

"We understand the importance that these businesses play in our local communities and the unique relationship that we maintain with them and with local audiences," noted John McCauley, Chief Marketing Officer of Screenvision Media.  "Given our strong local connection, we felt a responsibility to harness our resources to elevate the voice of small businesses within our Front+Center preshow.  By providing the opportunity to play on the national stage, we are solving their biggest challenge -- figuring out how to stand out given the competition, limited budgets and resources.  We are proud champions of local businesses and we are providing them with a larger-than-life canvas and accelerant to engage audiences."

Small businesses are essential to the pulse of America.  Screenvision is committed to amplify their messaging in marquee moments and, in doing so, it is driving moviegoers to shop local.

Photo Credit – Screenvision Media LLC.

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