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By this point in the Upfront season advertisers and marketers have probably heard it all.  Media conglomerates and platforms are packaging new research, pricing models and pod strategies to compel advertisers to consider buying their medium versus competitors. Screenvision promises a different approach.  For its Upfront tonight (May 10) Screenvision Media will provide proof of its storytelling platform's strength and why it's an essential element in a brand's media mix.  Screenvision will present the view that cinema is an "and" versus an "or" decision for any premier media plan.  For those not in the audience, here's their backup:

With today's media landscape in a state of flux due in part to the erosion of linear television and market fragmentation, targeting granular audiences on behalf of advertisers is daunting.  According to Nielsen's Total Audience Report Q2, 2017 more than 50% of U.S. households are streaming content from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV on their televisions, and GfK MRI reported in October that 22% of Americans are cordless.  Yet, cinema continues to deliver reliable scale: Over the last 15 years its total audience has remained steady at 1.39B or greater according to Box Office Mojo.  In a fluctuating marketplace, Screenvision's Front & Center Preshow provides impression stability and consistency throughout the year.

Screenvision's audience is stable, sizable and undistracted since in theaters as there is no ad skipping, no ad blocking and no ad fraud; nor are there any bots or distractions.  With cinema's MPAA ratings, advertisers are guaranteed that the contextual environment is safe and appropriate for their brand messages.

Screenvision has worked to develop media solutions that enable advertisers to deepen their consumer engagement both inside and outside of the theater, which is the premise behind its connected cinema solutions package.  This runs before, during and after each movie, as well as across platforms.  Knowing moviegoers are affluent spenders, Screenvision understands that the impact of a brand's story is not limited to the inside of theaters.

At the Upfront, Screenvision will share additional research on movie audiences1.  For example, with an average age of 29, moviegoers are young and tuned in to what's new, with household incomes 13% above the national mean.  Also, consumers enjoy shopping adjacent to their theater after the movie and more than half of moviegoers make purchases.  Driven by their passion for the movies, they tend to plan, purchase tickets and meet up with friends and family to watch together.  Cinema is made more intense because fans experience the movies in a highly communal fashion.  That's co-viewing at its best.

Screenvision will let the numbers tell the story, such as how they deliver Top 10 Adults 18-49 ratings every week.  This is also an audience that includes cord cutters, elusive Millennials and educated, tech savvy, influential viewers who flock to theaters.  Plus, through its CINTEL advanced targeting platform, Screenvision's other promise to advertisers is its ability to determine which films consumers are watching. CINTEL optimizes advertising campaigns by analyzing audience behaviors, psychographics and purchase intent to enhance targeting of the most desirable audiences.

"The high impact scale provided by cinema continues to elevate its role within media plans," said Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer, Screenvision Media.  "We have pushed ourselves to always infuse innovation and creativity, ensuring that brands have their blockbuster moments with moviegoers.  We are very proud that brands have embraced this, and that cinema is increasingly being utilized to replace eroding TV audiences with our reach and real impact; what we're coining 'Reel Reach.'"

The Upfront takeaway should be that combined with TV and digital, or replacing either, cinema is an indispensable component of a brand's media buy.  The audience size remains strong, topping the 1 billion mark, and more importantly those viewers are devoted fans.  Every film is appointment viewing, and with more than 15,000 screens in 2,400 theaters in all 50 states Screenvision aims to deliver blockbuster impact to media plans with valuable, measurable return and incremental new viewers.

1Audience Stats:  Screenvision Media Internal and P2+ Median Age via 2017 Nielsen NCAR Report; 2017 Doublebase GfK MRI, Base A18+, Target: Attends movies 1+ a month; Nielsen Moviegoers Report 2018; 2017 Custom Cable GfK MRI.

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