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The Female Quotient's full-day of live-streamed International Women's Day panels is now available on demand at, where its ongoing series of panels, conversations and global programs will be shared with the media, marketing, entertainment and advertising community.

Visit the site now to view The FQ's International Women's Day closing event, a "Sip and Talk" hosted by the Jane Walker First Women Campaign honoring trailblazing women. Moderated by Shelley Zalis, The FQ founder and founder of SeeHer, the panel  included four female firsts: Sophie Kelly, Billie Jean King, Elaine Welteroth and Karen Cahn.  Sophie is the Senior Vice President of Whiskeys at Diagio North America. Billie Jean is a sports and women's equality pioneer and icon. Elaine is a co-host of CBS's The Talk and a former editor of Teen Vogue. Karen is founder of I Fund Women.

The panelists each discussed their hopes for the future, including more women in leadership positions, more successful women in a variety of industries, and improved understanding and recognition of sexism in the workplace. 

Focusing on the theme of iconic and inspirational women, Elaine named as Oprah, whose interview skills and her command of the audience left an indelible impression. Billie Jean highlighted having grown up in the 1950s and how this timing impacted her role models, including when she was eleven and decided she wanted to commit her life to becoming a tennis great. Her first view of a Black woman player was Althea Gibson (her generation's Venus and Serena Williams). Billie Jean commented that Althea made her realize, "If you can see it, you can be it."

Karen named Kara Swisher, the first well-known technology reporter, as her role model because Kara "was never afraid to tell the truth or take on the white boys in tech." Karen's daily fight is against the funding gap many women-owned businesses face and she highlighted how Kara is "always digging for the truth via data driven work and is not afraid to piss people off."

Sophie elevated the women in the group as professional role models and talked about how every successful woman in her life has taught her that, "Just because it looks like it does today doesn't mean we can't change it."

Shelley pointed out her guests' common experiences even though their ages, racial identities and professions were varied. Visit and view the full conversation to hear both the individual stories as well as insights into universal truths and "behind-the-curtain" perspectives from women who worked to become inspirational leaders, icons and "firsts" in industries in which women have not been at the forefront.

Billie Jean's comments on her legendary Battle of the Sexes against male tennis pro Bobby Riggs explained the pressure on her to uphold Title IX, which had been recently passed, requiring equal spending on male and female sports in federally funded schools, including women earning the first scholarships for sports. She also saw it as a way to champion equality at many levels and it gave her a platform throughout the world, not only for women but also for men who have shared how her work helped their daughters, granddaughters and even great-granddaughters to see their potential.

Perhaps the best way to sum up the day's live events and all of the women who participated is to quote Billie Jean King's point about girls, gals and women with aspirations and goals. "Show up, stand up and speak up!" she said.

"And do it together!" Shelley added.

"It's not about allyship," she commented in closing. "It's about activism."

For those wishing to watch this session in its entirety, you can view it and much more here.

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