Video: Meet Gen Z

Members of Gen Z were born after 1995, make up 25% of the current population and according to a recent study are far less wild than previous generations.  In recent years, fewer adolescents engaged in "adult activities" like going out without their parents, drinking alcohol, dating or having sex. On average, they check social media 100 times per day.  They love Snapchat and can't imagine life without YouTube, but consider Facebook more of an information hub than a social platform.  When it comes to work, they are independent and have an entrepreneurial desire, after seeing their parents struggle in the workforce.

Eighteen-year-old Jonah Stillman was recently hired by the Minnesota Vikings -- not as an intern or entry level employee, but as a consultant on how to market to his generation.  Seventy-five percent Gen Z'ers say that there are other ways of getting an education than college, so recent high school graduates might be the best new additions to your marketing team.

Gen Z is more than twice as likely to drop a brand for poor features or responsiveness on social media, so it is particularly important for marketers to meet this generation where they are -- online.  For more information on the latest in adaptive marketing please visit

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