Xandr Monetize Means Simplified Server-Side Solution for Publishers

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When a company undergoes a major transformation, whether it be through acquisition, merger, or, simply as the next step in its evolution, the fruits of that labor — when specifically done to address real and proven marketplace needs — can be game-changing for all players in the ecosystem. Xandr, AT&T's advanced advertising and analytics company, has been hard at work since acquiring adtech company AppNexus, to introduce enhanced offerings that capitalize on the future of advertising as digital and TV continue to converge.

Following the company's launch of its premium video marketplace, Community, and its omnichannel buying platform, Xandr Invest, earlier this year, Xandr Monetize, its rebranded strategic selling solution, rounds out Xandr's platform. Xandr Monetize is designed to provide a direct path to facilitate scaled buying and demand from AT&T, intended to maximize working media dollars.

Xandr Monetize encompasses an ad server, supply-side platform (SSP), and yield analytics, and it lays the infrastructure for future TV capabilities. Through holistic inventory management, data-driven yield optimization, and differentiated buyer demand, the platform improves the way in which media companies and publishers package, sell, and measure performance across screens.

Michael Richardson, Xandr's vice president, product management, says: "Xandr Monetize marks the convergence of AppNexus' powerful technology, Xandr's vision for the future of media monetization, and the backing and resources of AT&T. The platform will support our continued collaboration with media companies to advance their business on the open internet. I'm excited to introduce our product innovations to market, which contribute to optimized revenue for media companies and a better experience for consumers."

While building for the future of monetization, Xandr is already tackling the challenges that digital video buyers and sellers face today. The introduction of Programmatic OTT with Prebid brings programmatic demand to TV by enabling competitive separation across multiple SSPs on CTV devices and other digital TV inventory. Xandr's Programmatic OTT offers compliance and control on par with TV norms, including brand safety and frequency capping, while supporting simultaneous competition for inventory by all programmatic demand. It is available through real-time bidding and deals.

The updated Xandr Monetize also introduces Prebid Server Premium, Xandr's simplified server-side header bidding solution for both supply-side platform and ad server customers. As server-side header bidding opens new channels of header bidding demand and improves site performance, Prebid Server Premium simplifies setup and increases operational efficiency through reporting insights across formats and a single source of clearing across SSPs.

Xandr Monetize offers holistic inventory and demand channel management, so media companies can capitalize on the convergence of direct-sold and programmatic campaigns and maximize the value of their inventory. In addition to robust deal capabilities, Xandr now offers Programmatic Guaranteed, allowing publishers to pre-agree with, and execute on, reserved delivery commitments with programmatic buyers without compromising control over how their inventory is monetized.

Foundational to Xandr Monetize are industry-leading forecasting analytics and data-driven yield optimization. Yield Analytics, formerly Yieldex Analytics, brings a long history of developing forecasting insights and unparalleled accuracy. This allows for planning, pacing, and decisioning for direct and programmatic selling, throughout the Xandr Monetize product suite, including the ad server and current and future TV solutions.

Each of the elements of Xandr Monetize — Programmatic OTT with Prebid, Prebid Server Premium, and Yield Analytics — provides a significant step forward in giving media sellers greater control, access, and predictability of the digital cross-platform media marketplace while simplifying the tech stack. Customers are already seeing the benefits.

"Microsoft relies on Xandr as a programmatic advertising partner, [that] can operate at the massive global scale MSN, Outlook, Xbox, and our Windows App Developers require," said Kya Sainsbury-Carter, general manager of global partner services, Microsoft. "Over the last 10 years of working together, Xandr has been a thoughtful and flexible partner that has helped Microsoft be successful in our rapidly changing marketplace and with our unique platform needs. The innovation we've seen in Xandr Monetize has augmented our programmatic revenue while simplifying our ad stack. We look forward to continuing our strategic collaboration and pushing the envelope with the future of advertising."

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