Barry Frey Chats with Microsoft's Kathleen Hall

Barry Frey:  What media do you consume on a daily basis?

Kathleen Hall:  The first thing in the morning I do my online news feed that is pretty eclectic, ranging from both sides of the political spectrum to good trashy entertainment news.

Frey:  What are the biggest changes you foresee in the world of brand marketing over the next few years?

Hall:  I see experience being the differentiator and authenticity being the foundation of consumer relationships.  Traditional "marketing" just won't work with a digitally native, accessibility addicted new consumer.

Frey:  What's on the horizon for Microsoft?

Hall:  We are on the cusp of the next new age.  For my generation, it was having a PC at your fingertips and access to the world through the Internet. For the next generation, it's going to be the unbelievable power and potential of quantum computing to solve the world's problems and what artificial intelligence, which we like to call human enhancement, will enable us to accomplish.

Frey:  Are you utilizing digital out-of-home and, if so, how?

Hall:  Digital out-of-home is a core component of our media mix.  With a strong B to B audience focus, we are targeting a mobile, distracted consumer.  Anything we can do to meet them where they are and engage them in what little bit of downtime they may have, we are going to leverage. That's what digital out-of-home does for us.

Frey:  Tell us a bit about your upcoming speaking appearance at the Video Everywhere Summit.

Hall:  I am excited about my upcoming presentation and a little bit nervous as well because I hope to bring to light a unique challenge I think many of us in the brand arena are facing -- that of navigating a highly sensitized political and social environment.

Frey:  What is your favorite recently downloaded app?

Hall:  Everything But the House.  It is a vicarious shopping experience where people sell things, essentially like a giant high-end tag sale.  I never buy anything; I just look.

Frey:  What is your favorite television show?

Hall:  The Voice.  I can half watch, half work and enjoy it with my kids.

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