"On Addressability" How-to Webinar this Wednesday 1pm ET Live at MediaVillage.com

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To educate and prepare brand marketers, agency media professionals and TV executives as Addressable TV scales across the marketing ecosystem, three leading industry experts will take a "Deep Dive – On Addressability" in a 60-minute webinar hosted by MediaVillage founder Jack Myers on Wednesday, November 18 at 1PM ET. The webinar is complimentary and available for ZOOM pre-registration here or live streamed at www.MediaVillage.com, www.ComcastInsites.com, www.spectrumreachinsites.com and via MediaVillage social channels at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The webinar features Larry Allen, vice president & general manager, addressable enablement, Comcast Advertising; Elizabeth Crotty, executive director, product development & management, Cox Media; and Malia Moran, group vice president, strategic product management, Spectrum Reach.

The webinar discussion will focus on the On Addressability playbook and serve as a "how-to" on leading addressable advances for brand marketers, agency professionals and media executives.

Driven by technological advancement, positive advertiser experiences and a strong need in the pandemic era to achieve national scale, but tailor messaging to an ever dynamic local, almost down to a household situation, addressable advertising, specifically, addressable TV, is having a moment.

Recent announcements, such as the enablement of addressability on national linear television inventory (See: National Addressable TV Has Arrived. But is it Ready for Primetime?), AMC Networks and CANOE's recent announcement that they have run Addressable National Linear ads, Nielsen's recent decision to include Smart TV data with its set-top and panel based data for the measurement of Addressable TV, and initiatives like On Addressability and Project Oar has brought the topic top of mind over the past few months.

As buyers continue to adopt fluidity and view impression delivery across linear, VOD, and OTT as parts of a bigger whole, the definition of addressable "TV" broadens. During the course of the webinar, you'll learn how the largest cable operators in the U.S. have come together to not only provide true scale for household level addressability, but also how they have dramatically reduced the friction associated with the buying of the product; and also how they are working towards a multi-screen, holistic view of audience reach and frequency to meet the marketplace's evolving definition of television.

There is no question that both the technology and the workflow to enable marketers to drive messages to specific desired audiences is maturing and improving. Questions however remain in terms of the efficacy and tradeoffs for both the buy-side and the sell-side. Tune into Wednesday's webinar to hear straight talk directly from top voices in the frontlines on how those issues are being tackled.

As Marcien Jenckes, president, advertising, Comcast Cable, commented: "Everyone in the advertising ecosystem has a role in bringing TV addressability to fruition—from the advertisers who adjust their TV strategies to include its emerging capabilities, to the programmers who provide their inventory, to the many technology enablers in between who make it happen. But we realize that it begins with us — the distributors—who bring the ads to viewers' households each day. It is incumbent upon us to lay the groundwork and set up the infrastructure to truly 'turn on' addressability for the industry in a way that is secure, scalable and effective."

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