This section will sound a lot like the last one. That's by design, because the message is the same: you need to be on video sites and you already have the video! How many of these top social media sites are you on, or even heard of (those that don't allow uploading of video content or advertising next to videos have been removed from this list):

* YouTube 450 million estimated monthly unique visitors

* Hulu 40 million "

* Daily Motion 27 million

* MetaCafe 26 million "

* MySpace 24.2 million "

* Yahoo! Screen 17 million "

* Vimeo 16.9 million "

* Break 15 million "

* 13.9 million "

* Veoh 13.3 million "

* Video Bash 5.6 million "

* OV Guide 4 million "

* Live Leak 3.8 million "

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Now that you know some of the more popular sites and how much traffic they get, take a look at some of the videos on YouTube for As Seen On TV products.

You probably have seen the short-form for Schticky. Here is one of dozens of videos on YouTube about this product:


Note that this video has been viewed 1,591,382 times in 3 months! You can simply type in TV products in the search box on to see the number of views other products are receiving.

Clearly, if you're not present, consumers who like to search video sites won't find you.


Most of the video sites that allow uploads are free, so the only "cost" is your time to upload a video and write a good description. Make sure to include a trackable link back to your landing page.

You may also want to test out two options:

n Paying for the top position, so your video is ahead of all others

n Running paid ads on pages that have the same or similar videos

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