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Welcome to the MediaVillage. I’m Jack Myers, MediaVillage founder and global advocate for the value and importance of media to society, culture and business.

Our industry-leading no-advertising and subscription-free content and thought-leadership platforms advance knowledge of innovation and best practices in:

  • Data and analytics
  • Technology applications
  • Brand equity research
  • Brand marketing and creativity
  • Relationship and customer engagement metrics
  • Commerce and retail
  • Economic trends
  • Purpose and social responsibility
  • Talent diversity and inclusion
  • Media and advertising innovation

For more than three decades, our global MediaVillage KnowledgeExchange, TomorrowToday proprietary market intelligence and future-focused insights, and our exclusive Relationships & Connections events and programs have enabled our members to reduce business risk and optimize their opportunities for successful marketing and media partnerships.
With a shared belief in the power of media to make strong emotional connections and drive revenue growth, our influential network of industry leaders, educators, marketers and audiences is at the forefront of change, disruption and innovation in media, marketing and advertising business models.

As the value of traditional marketing and advertising resources erode, as audience loyalties transition, as business relationships shift, as the power of data grows, and as talent requirements transform, MediaVillage is your connection to the future, your solutions partner, your voice to the market.

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