This year’s MLB Home Run Derby was a “Subway Series” of sorts. Captains Robinson Cano and David Wright (New York Yankees and New York Mets, respectively) chose their teams methodically with hopes of a victory for their respective leagues and bragging rights in the greatest city on earth. The American League team consisted of Robinson Cano, Yoenis Cèspedes, Chris Davis, and Prince Fielder, while the National League team boasted the names David Wright, Michael Cuddyer, Bryce Harper, and Pedro Alvarez. These All-Stars made Citi Field look like a little league ball park as they blasted 103 home runs through the Queens sky, raising $529,000 for charity. The Home Run Derby Champion, Yoenis Cèspedes of the Oakland Athletics, hit the 3rd most home runs in Derby history and was the first man to win the Derby but NOT be selected to the All-Star game.

TiVo Research and Analytics (TRA) looked into the automotive brands owned by Home Run Derby fans and the networks they watch when not watching the Derby. TRA found that the Home Run Derby indexed high for households that own Audi, Lexus, Infiniti and Volvo brands—all with TV Auto Ratings that are 20% greater than the average household rating.

TRA also built a viewer segment that consisted of the 50% of households that accounted for 80% of the viewership of the 2012 Home Run Derby. These households were found to have a high affinity for ESPN, CBS, FOX, NBC, TNT, TBS, History, A&E, Discovery, TRU and Disney.

Last but not least, TRA looked into overnight, second-by-second data to derive the top watched moments from the 2013 MLB Home Run Derby:

10:15 pm EST

Bryce Harper finishes his 2nd round with 16 total Home Runs, including one monster shot off the foul pole in right field. Harper hit 8 home runs in each round.

10:22 pm EST

Following a monstrous first round performance of 17 Home Runs and after already advancing to the final round, Yoenis Cèspedes decides to take the plate. He needs 5 Home Runs to win the contest for the American League. After 7 outs, Cèspedes has only hit 3 Home Runs. The Cuban native rips the ball to right center field over the fence, slamming the windshield of the Chevy Silverado truck, tying the game, and making the crowd erupt. On the very next pitch, he tears a line drive off the restaurant windows in deep left field. This Home Run gives the American League the victory and sets up the final round between him and Bryce Harper.

10:37 pm EST

During this intensely competitive Home Run Derby there was a little bit of comic relief. In a touching sentiment, Bryce Harper had his father, Ron Harper, pitch for him. With 6 Home Runs and 6 outs in the final round, Ron has an errant throw and nearly beans his superstar son. The two laugh at the “close call” and go back to what they do best: play baseball.

10:39 pm EST

Bryce Harper absolutely cranks the ball to deep right center where it lands 447 feet from home plate (without interference it would have traveled approximately 471 feet). The 20 year old phenom would finish his Final Round with 8 Home Runs.

10:54 pm EST

The Hero for the American League goes into his final round down by 8 Home Runs but is calm and cool as he steps to the plate. With 5 outs remaining Yoenis Cèspedes has 8 Home Runs. All he needs is one more blast to crown him champion. As if it were scripted, the powerful Oakland A’s left fielder got a knee-high pitch right down the middle of the plate. As he leans back and makes contact, the ball rockets off of the bat. The ball travels through the humid New York City air a whopping 455 feet and off the black wall over the iconic Mets Apple. Without a second glance, Cèspedes flips the bat in celebration and gets mobbed by his American League teammates, thus concluding the 2013 MLB Home Run Derby.

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