Advertisers and agencies are indeed smarter than fifth graders, as they are demonstrating by no longer wasting resources trying to figure out which programs are best for advertising their products. Only with TRA’s patented Media TRAnalytics® are advertisers able to match actual household purchasers with television viewing to gain valuable insights into where to find those who are buying their brands or their brand’s category. Not only does this help advertisers target The Right Audience®, but it will also directly allow them to target messages to specific buyers such as those of their competitor’s brands as well as purchasers who are not loyal to any brand. With the right campaign to The Right Audience®, advertisers are guaranteed to increase their ROI. In the example below, viewers who watched FX’s Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader purchased consumer goods such as; Frozen/Refrigerated Entrees, Toaster Pastries/Tarts, Petcare-Cat/Dog and Mouthwash. Use TRA’s Media TRAnalytics® to plan and buy your way to a better ROI.

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