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The grand experiment is over and generally, virtual CES 2021 was a success, at least from a technical perspective. There were no major crashes, keynotes were compelling and informative, the panels were interesting and timed like clockwork, and the ability to connect with Expo floor vendors was seamless. The panels were high-quality and while there were some that were 'talking heads' many actually dived deep into important topics. I like the idea of making all sessions during CES available for viewing online going forward. CES sessions usually take a backseat to private meetings and walking the show floor. This format brought those panels to the forefront, and I think making the panels digitally available on-demand is a best practice that should continue once we return live. This year, the annual extravaganza hosted by iHeart Media's Bob Pittman and MedialLink CEO Michael Kassan also went virtual in partnership with Beneville Studios and SpatialWeb. The innovative, immersive next generation experience created a "remote together" environment joined by more than 500 industry influencers and thought leaders.

And January 5-8, 2022, we will be back in Las Vegas. think there was constant sentiment that was expressed by pretty much everyone on the panels: As much as we all complain about going to Las Vegas in January, we can't wait to get back to it next year.

CES 2021 Coverage

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This Week in MediaVillage

In this week's podcast, Jack Myers shares his thoughts on the impact of the events in Washington D.C. over the past two weeks. What role did media play in this? Do those in the advertising industry that fund questionable news sources bear responsibility? Don't miss Jack Myers Podcast: The Republican 45. Will Media Leadership Have a Voice.

Technology has enabled to get us through the past year. Just in time for CES, GroupM released a study that shares insight into just how important tech has become to consumers and in which upcoming tech they are most interested. Get the scoop in GroupM Research Reveals 1 in 2 U.S. Consumers Believe It's Important to Be Equipped With the Latest Technology.

Charlene Weisler speaks with FreeWheel and Comcast about what they learned from 2020 and what they think 2021 looks like. Get their perspective in Agencies and Publishers Look Back at 2020 and Ahead in 2021.

This week, Tamara Alesi provides us with data and insights around the emerging world of podcasting. It's not quite radio yet, but you'll learn a lot about who is listening to podcasts and where they are doing it if you read Podcast Paradox: Mainstream and Niche at the Same Time.

In Terms of ROI columnist Bill Harvey, among many others, continues to believe that media strategist and media mix specialists are far too focused on comparative top-line CPMs of television versus its actual value. A study published in the Journal of Advertising Research in December by non-profit group, the Marketing Accountability Standards Board, in conjunction with Loyola Marymount University MSW Research, and The Walt Disney Company lends strength to that argument. Find out if you should be adjusting your approach in TV is a Better Media Buy Than It Has Ever Been.

It seems appropriate during CES time to take a look back at great tech advances in media's history. Check out HISTORY's Moments in Media: When Color TV Made the New Year an Event.

As vaccine roll-outs continue to ramp up Leading Corporations and Foundations Come Together to Support National COVID-19 Vaccine Education Effort from the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative.

While 2020 was an important year of change in diversity and inclusion, all the processes developed now need to be implemented. It's time for less talk and more action in 2021. Phil McKenzie explains in Rhetoric Won't Save the Industry: What Diversity Means to 2021.

This week we welcome our newest contributor, Pattie Glod to the MediaVillage team. Read Pattie's findings after canvassing over 25 different marketing and tech companies as to which human elements can help solve inherent conflicts in priority between various company departments. The "Human Element" Impact on Data-Driven Marketing.

In this Week's News

Donald Trump was kicked off of social media.

Amazon Web Services shut down social media network Parler which had become a haven for far right-wing conspiracy theorists.

Congratulations to Omnicom Media Group on being named Global Media AOR for Sanofi.

During CES, Nielsen revealed data that indicates 42% of all OTT viewership minutes are on non-ad supported networks.

On the path to a cookie-less world, YouTube is no longer accepting third party pixels.

Roku has acquired defunct short form video company Quibi's content. The content will be available at no charge on The Roku Channel.

Netflix announced that it will be releasing 70 movies in 2021 with no less than one movie each week.

CBS has rebranded their Syndication team to CBS Media Ventures from CBS Television reflecting the current media landscape.

Independent creative agency Mother has launched a new media agency, Media by Mother, led by former head of media strategy for WPP, Will Haines and former Accenture and Omnicom Media Group vet, Will Heins.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp announced that there would be a change in their privacy policies allowing them to share user data with Facebook. The reaction of many users was swift and immediate with many switching to alternate encrypted messaging apps Signal or Telegram. By the end of the week WhatsApp announced that they would delay their policy change.

Samsung has announced a partnership with Twitch for Samsung Galaxy to be the exclusive mobile device partner for Twitch Rivals. Twitch Rivals is a series of competitive online events for Twitch streamers and gamers.

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