NBC’s new show, The Voice, brings together world renowned singers Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green in search of the next big star in the world of music. At the end of season 1, The Voice, is considered a resounding hit, not only for the network NBC and Javier Colon, the winner but also for singers Aguilera and Shelton. Advertisers of Energy Drinks, Diet Carbonated Soft Drinks, Hair Conditioner and Toaster Pastries/Tarts could also make their media plans a hit by advertising in Season 2 based on using TRA’s Media TRAnalytics®. In the charts below, StoryFinder™ offers a brief glimpse into the top and bottom five categories in terms of Purchaser Rating Points™(PRPs) for . Advertisers are using PRPs to fuel their media plans and eliminate waste and make smarter Television planning and buying decisions. To learn more about TRA, please visit www.traglobal.com.