Scroll Down for the Detailed Ranking Table leads thirteen print-based legacy media companies in the 10th Annual MyersBizNet Survey of Advertising Executives on Digital Media Companies' Value and Sales Organization Performance , conducted in association with Vision Critical. Based on the percentage of 300 respondents rating each company with which they do business as market leader/market achiever (4/5 on a 5 point scale), Forbes was ranked first for "Innovation and Market Leadership," second for "Value for the Investment," fourth for "Quality Sales Team and Customer Service," and sixth for "Premium Content and Audience Quality."

Hearst Magazines Interactive ranked second in Overall Performance based on the aggregated average of the four categories, and third among the 13 print-centric media companies. Myers surveyed 600 advertiser and agency executives, measuring perceptions toward the digital organizations of 29 legacy print and TV media companies and 42 digital "native" companies including Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, AOL and Yahoo.

Hearst ranked first among the print companies for Quality Sales Team and Customer Service, followed by Forbes, New York Times Digital, WSJ, Thomson Reuters, Conde Nast Entertainment, impreMedia, Meredith Media Sales, Time Inc Digital Media and Gannett.

Hearst also ranked first for Value for the Investment and third for Premium Content and Audience Quality, but declined to tenth among the 13 print companies for Innovation and Market Leadership. WSJ ranked first and Meredith second for Premium Content and Audience Quality. Also included in the study were Washington Post Digital, MailOnline and

There are significant variables in performance based on the specific respondent group. For example, both Meredith and Conde Nast are better perceived among respondents from traditional media agencies than among those from digital agencies. Time Inc is more positively perceived among younger buyers and planners than among those who have been in the industry for 8+ years, suggesting the company remains saddled with baggage from out-of-date perceptions.

All 13 of the print companies generated positive average 4/5 ratings from more than half the respondent base, an impressive achievement for the industry as it transforms to a digitally-centric business.

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2013 Survey of Advertising Executives on Print Media Digital Organizations

Overall Value for the Investment, Quality of Sales Organization and Customer Support, Premium Content and Audience Quality, Innovation and Market Leadership
(Individual Reports on Each Performance Measure are Available to Premium Members)
Rankings below based on the average aggregated percentage of respondents rating each organization 4/5 on a five point scale in four performance categories. Respondents pre-qualified as having a business relationship with each company they rate. Chart below reflects total respondents. Detailed data on ten additional sub-respondent groups is available. Survey conducted by Vision Critical in August 2013 among 300 respondents.

COMPANY % Rating  
  4/5 among Rank
  Total Respondents  
Forbes 78.3% 1
Hearst Magazines Interactive 76.7% 2
Wall St. Journal 75.9% 3
Meredith Media Sales 73.2% 4
Thomson Reuters 71.6% 5t
impreMedia 716.0% 5t
New York Times Digital 68.4% 7
Time Inc. Digital Media 67.0% 8
Gannett Sites 65.4% 9
Washington Post Digital 62.5% 10
MailOnline 61.6% 11
Conde Nast Entertainment 59.9% 12 50.2% 13
SOURCE: MyersBizNet / Myers Media Business Report Annual Survey of Advertising Executives on Digital Media Value and Sales Organization Performance, 2014.
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