How Clypd Accelerates Xandr's Position in Advanced TV

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Demonstrating its commitment to TV advertising, Xandr acquired clypd, a data-driven sell-side TV platform of choice for more than 100 broadcast and cable networks that also boasts both a private and an open marketplace.  Clypd will complement Xandr’s recent product launches, including Xandr Monetize and its premium marketplace, Community.  This will help accelerate converged buying across addressable, digital, data-driven linear and OTT.

The clypd acquisition allows Xandr to significantly expand its inventory for Community through a new agreement with SpotX, which will act as its exclusive third-party supply-side platform for 2020.  The move will permit advertisers working with Community to tap directly into the SpotX platform.

The net result of this acquisition is that clypd adds broadcast and cable TV network inventory tracking to Xandr's digital and addressable footprint, effectively enabling greater convergence of cross-platform media.

Synergies and Connections

Clypd integrated Nielsen television ratings data into its platform in 2016.  There were two key benefits: Agencies could execute on custom audience segmentations and clypd could scale and streamline advanced TV audience contracts through the full lifecycle of a TV buy.

Now, with clypd's integration into Xandr's platform, there will be greater convergence within the full sales cycle between addressable TV, data-driven linear TV, mobile and over-the-top channels on streaming video services.  This will also streamline messaging to consumers to ensure that they are receiving relevant, seamless and, therefore, more compelling advertising.  This is in addition to Xandr's own first-party viewership insights.

This all feeds nicely into Community's premium marketplace, which is powered by Xandr, and includes inventory from a range of top networks: WarnerMedia's CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, B/R Live, Otter Media and Warner Bros., as well as A+E Networks, AMC Networks, Bloomberg, Cheddar, Vudu, VICE, Hearst Magazines, Newsy, Philo, Tubi and Xumo.  Marketers can use clypd's self-serve platform to define campaign targets, discover available inventory and measure campaign performance, which will complement Xandr Monetize on the publisher side.

Expansion and Authority

In its purchase of clypd, Xandr also gets the brain trust that has been focused on data-driven buying and selling for years.  Chief relationship officer Mark Mitchell, for example, has been building relationships with TV networks.  "When we started clypd, a ton of effort went into convincing sales leaders that the industry needed to begin to change," Mitchell says.  "We're now at the point where everyone sees the benefit of selling advanced audiences and market adoption is underway."

Chief research officer Pete Doe, in addition to his work at clypd, also chairs the ATSG (Advanced Target Standards Group), a consortium of TV networks, agencies and organizations that share their expertise to accelerate the use of advanced targets in the buying and selling of TV advertising.  The group forms guidelines to help buyers and sellers manage advanced audience deals and first-party data, and has established a set of calculation principles.  This ensures consistent and transparent advanced audience protocols, establishes advanced audience definitions and offers perspectives on data quality for advanced TV data sets and attribution.

Brands, agencies and media companies alike have to be agile to keep pace with emerging media trends today.  Xandr's acquisition of clypd not only helps to keep Xandr nimble, but it also enables the company to better consolidate its marketplace strengths for the future, whether through data, improving the buy/sell cycle, or contributing insight on industry guidelines.  Stay tuned for what's next.

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