"A Toast to Big Sales in Bad Times" featured in the November 7, 2011 issue of Advertising Age identifies two products where the return on investment increased, despite the volatile economy this past year. Two beer brands, Corona and Modelo, both products under the Crown Imports umbrella, flew off shelves as other breweries experienced a downturn. So, what was the secret to their success?

Undergoing extensive research allowed Crown Imports to find The Right Audience®, concluding that the two largest consumers were not only Hispanics but also young sports fans. With this information, Crown Import began placing advertisements on appropriate networks such as; CBS College Sports, Fox Soccer Channel, ESPN University and Hispanic networks such as Azteca America.

Advertisers can now quickly get this information using TRA Media TRAnalytics®, and learn exactly which networks, programs and dayparts their brand or category purchasers tune into. For example, in the charts below, Purchaser Rating Points™ (PRP™) with an index of 120 or above represent a worthwhile investment for Corona and Modelo – making Sporting or Hispanic channels the perfect choice for these two products. To learn more about TRA, please visit www.traglobal.com