General Electric Hosts a 6-Second Science Fair on Vine

AdAge 08.07.2013

Do you know what happens when you combine milk, food coloring and dish soap? GE's social media campaign will show you.

Back-to-School Campaigns Join 'Camp Gyno' On Viral Video Chart

Adage 08.08.2013

With all the press attention over the past few weeks, it's no surprise "Camp Gyno" landed on the Viral Video Chart with an impressive 4.6 million views. Joining the girls at camp was the first burst of back-to-school ads to hit the chart from Best Buy, Nike and Adidas last week.

Red Bull's Xbox Videos Garner 14-Minute Engagement Rate

Adweek 08.09.2013

Red Bull has been averaging 14 minutes of consumer engagement via Xbox Live video banners as part of the brand's current "World of Red Bull" campaign.

The effort debuted on the games platform in May and is running indefinitely, per a rep from BrightLine, which is helping the beverage firm with the interactive marketing play.

Beer industry to run branded content during Sunday Brunch ad breaks

Campaign 08.08.2013

The beer industry has developed a content partnership with Channel 4 that will result in three-minute segments running during ad breaks of the broadcaster's 'Sunday Brunch' show. The mini-episodes on Channel 4 this Sunday will also be available as a series of "webisodes" on YouTube and

Facebook Fans Determine Design For Limited Edition Porsche

PSFK 08.12.2013

Crowdsourcing has recently dipped its toe into the world of sports cars, when more than 54,000 Facebook fans became responsible for designing a special edition Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

'The Atlantic' Makes Big Push Into Video With 3 Original Series

Mashable 08.12.2013

The Atlantic is making a big push into original video with the launch of three new series this month. Two of those series are built around The Atlantic's younger, albeit well-known, editors: senior editor Alexis Madrigal, who leads the magazine's technology and science coverage online and in print, and senior editor Derek Thompson, who covers business for

The Big Brand Theory: How Is Social Media Reshaping Pfizer?

Social Media Today 08.12.2013

I had a chance to sit down with Bob Libbey the Head of Digital and Social Communications at Pfizer to discuss some of the topics that you will see at the Social Shake-Up Conference. The following is a transcript of our conversation.

Honda Launches Campaign to Help Save America's Drive-Ins

Adage 08.09.2013

The digital revolutions impact on Hollywood means that drive-ins -- 60 years ago a beloved pastime for American families -- are destined for extinction. But one automaker, Honda, is doing its part to try and save a bit of history.

Puma launches global brand push with football hub

MarketingWeek 08.12.2013

Puma is launching a global football hub where fans can interact with players including Cesc Fabregas and Yaya Toure as it sets in motion plans to rival Nike and Adidas during next year's World Cup.

Virtually Furnish a Room With IKEA's Augmented Reality Catalog

Mashable 08.05.2013

Trekking to IKEA is often an exercise in futility. The armchairs and bookcases never look as perfect in your cramped apartment as they do in the color-coordinated showrooms. After 15 minutes, you're tired and overwhelmed and you can't remember what you even came for.

Brands Find the Link Between Viral Videos and Vending Machines

Adweek 08.05.2013

Digitally tricked-out vending machines keep popping up around the globe, surprising and delighting consumers with new gimmicks and free samples. Local goodwill is the endgame if you take the activations at face value. But in truth, they're plays for views on YouTube.

New from the [L]earned Media Blog

New Mobile App Create Fun Earned Media


Ever wanted to get a picture standing next to your favorite celebrity? Well now you can without even meeting them! A new mobile app called Snaps! lets you take a virtual picture next to your favorite celebrity.

Is Native Advertising Helpful for Earned Media?


Before marketers invest in native advertising, they want to know if it really is an effective method. Sites like Buzzfeed and Forbes have been offering native advertising for a while now but people are still skeptical using it. Recently, The Online Publishers Association set out to research how effective native advertising truly is. They got some very interesting results that show overall, native advertising is going to be very successful.

Water Company Uses Facebook for Philanthropic Earned Media


ThankYou, an Australian water bottle brand that donates a portion of its revenue to food and hygiene efforts in developing nations, launched a 2-week campaign driven by consumer participation on Facebook.

In Tracking Users, Pinterest Lays Groundwork for Ad Business


Pinterest is almost ready to reveal a new advertising portion of the popular social media site. Pinterest is going to start suggesting pins and boards to users based on previous sites the users have visited. It does this by tracking sites that are visited which have the "Pin It" button embedded on the site.

Snickers Launches New Earned Media Campaign


Targeting misspelled words is a common practice of search engine optimization, often utilized in order to pull in additional traffic. While this method does not yield as many impressions, these words are less costly than the actual Merrian-Webster spelled out version of the word.

Pinterest Gains Earned Media with New Venture


Pinterest has announced that it will now tell users by email when the products they pin go on sale. This feature was easy to implement because of Pinterest's automatic system that updates prices for several major retailers' products.

Facebook Unveils Embeddable Posts for Earned Media


Following the introduction of hashtags to its platform in June, Facebook added another dimension- offering embeddable posts. Facebook believes due to this, it will be integrated more in public conversations. These posts work identically to YouTube and Twitter, allowing news outlets and blogs to integrate videos, photos and status updates into their content.

Angry Tweeters Converse with @unitedairlanes Parody Account


The creators of @UnitedAirlanes realized just last week that dissatisfied United Airlines customers have been expressing their outrage to a parody United Airlines account for months now. The account, created in May of 2012, tweeted for a month before falling silent until recently.

Britain, Spain Battle over Gibraltar via Earned Media


A poll was released on Monday following an acceleration of tensions between Spain and Britain regarding the border between Spain and Gibraltar. Early voting favored Britain but after 10,000 votes were submitted, the Spanish media took notice of the poll and it went viral on Twitter and Facebook.

GetTaxi Ramps up for a Big Apple Launch


GetTaxi is a free app trying to revolutionize the experience of hailing a taxi by allowing its users to order a taxi or black car, through the app, wherever they are located. GetTaxi provides users the ability to pay through the app, as well as rate the drivers, check out their previous rides and earn loyalty points.

Teens to Facebook: We're Not Interested


With the advent of alternate social platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine, Facebook appears to be losing a vital demographic – the teens. In a Mashable Op-ed written by 13 year-old Ruby Karp, she offers insight into the key reasons why teens are slipping away from Facebook.