Media Agency Reviews: Billions in Play

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Media Agency Reviews: Billions in Play

  • Mondelez in review ($2B)

    • Incumbents/Contenders: Dentsu Aegis Network, MediaVest

  • General Mills in review ($829.8MM)

    • Incumbents: Zenith | Contenders: TBD

  • Johnson & Johnson (overseas only) in review ($1.6B)

    • Incumbents: Split regionally by IPG and Omnicom | Contenders: TBD

  • Sony in review ($620.3MM)

    • Incumbents: UM (Entertainment) Mediacom (mobile - global) Carat (mobile - US, PlayStation)| Contenders: Likely UM, Mediacom, Carat + other

  • 21st Century Fox in review ($767.48MM)

    • Incumbents: Zenith, Vizeum + others| Contenders: TBD

  • P&G in review ($2.66B) - Consolidating all global media under 1 agency

    • Incumbents: Starcom (US), Carat (Can), Mediacom (Int'l) | Contenders: TBD

  • CVS Health in review ($84.4MM)

    • Incumbents: Mindshare | Contenders: Mindshare, +TBD

  • Citibank in review, aims to consolidate accounts in closed review ($332.5MM)

    • Incumbents: MEC, Starcom | Contenders: MEC, Starcom

  • Daimler AG (international) in review

    • Incumbents: Not published | Contenders: TBD

  • Volkswagen in review (Global $4B)

    • Incumbents: Mediacom | Contenders: TBD

  • Coca-Cola in review ($400MM)

    • Incumbent: MediaVest | Contenders: MediaVest, MediaCom, Carat, UM

  • Unilever in review ($5B) decision expected 12/15

    • Incumbents/Contenders: Mindshare, Initiative, PHD

  • L'Oréal in review ($780MM) decision expected 12/15

    • Incumbents/Contenders: UM (traditional), Digitas (digital)

  • Kmart in review ($560MM) decision expected soon

    • Incumbents/Contenders: Havas Media

  • Coty in review ($600MM) decision expected in June

    • Incumbents/Contenders: OMD, Havas Media, Zenith Media

  • Visa in review ($250MM) decision expected in June

    • Incumbents/Contenders: OMD

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