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Target Launches First Mass-Media Campaign in Canada

Adweek 2.22.2013

On Sunday, Target will launch its first integrated, mass-media campaign in Canada.The retailer has been on the ground in the country for over a year, as it preps to roll out 124 stores in 2013. But with the first stores slated to open in March, Sunday's Oscars telecast provides a sizeable platform for the brand's "launch moment.

Ford Restarts Fiesta Movement on Social Media With More Focus on Sales

Brand Channel 2.19.2013

Three years after its Fiesta Movement campaign wrote a new playbook for social-media marketing, Ford is launching a "Social Remix" for the 2014 Ford Fiesta that it hopes will represent a similar advance—and sell more cars—through an industry-first paid-media campaign that is completely crowdsourced.

The Marketer's Ultimate Guide to Measuring the ROI of Twitter & Vine

HubSpot 2.18.2013

According to a 2012 report by Adobe, a whopping 52% of marketers cite difficulties in accurately measuring ROI as their biggest source of frustration in social media marketing. I would like to try and alleviate some of that pain, at least when it comes to marketing on Twitter.

30 Terrible Pieces of Social Media Advice You Should Ignore

HubSpot 2.15.2013

There are a lot of so-called “social media experts” out there. Dishing out advice, sometimes based on limited experiences, and sometimes based on nothing at all. Even the true social media experts sometimes share some misguided advice based on their beliefs and experiences. So with all this bad advice floating around the web, how do you distinguish between what you should -- and shouldn't -- believe?

What Twitter’s Ad API Really Means for Social Advertising

Adweek 2.20.2013

Advertising on Twitter just got easier. As previously reported by Adweek and TechCrunch, the social platform has rolled out an ad API that will let social marketing developers buy Twitter ads within the dashboards marketers already use to manage their Twitter and Facebook accounts and campaigns.

Lana Del Rey Croons for Jaguar, Latest in Auto-Branded Video Boom

Brand Channel 2.21.2013

To paraphrase Don Draper: At last, a beautiful product placement Jaguar can truly own. And own it they do when it comes to the latest music video for Lana Del Rey's new track "Burning Desire." "I drive fast / Wind in my hair / I push you to the limits / Cause I just don't care," sings Del Rey. With her on a dark lonely stage and a Jaguar F-type on a sunny lonely highway, the video might be something Don Draper and team would have cooked up themselves.

NBC's The Biggest Loser Teams with Pinterest for Second Screen Content

Marketing Pilgrim 2.18.2013

When it comes to social engagement with TV viewers, Twitter is usually the platform of choice, but NBC’s The Biggest Loser is trying something new – Pinterest.

Social Media Marketing: How To Turn Satisfied Customers Into 'Brand Advocates'

Forbes 2.15.2013

Content is a vital part of marketing, but “feeding the content beast” is expensive and time consuming. According to Curata’s “B2B Marketing Trends Survey 2012 Report,” the top three challenges of content marketing are: creating original content; having time to create it; and finding high-quality content. With 28% to 33% of marketing budgets dedicated to content marketing, this is obvious priority can become a herculean challenge.

Why Brands Are Already Looking at Google Glass, and Why Apple Should Be Worried

Adweek 2.20.2013

Will Google Glass kill the smartphone? Reinvent gaming? Steal the second screen from tablets? Alter the marketing and shopping landscape entirely? Probably not completely, and not all at once (since the device won't be commercially available until next year). But experts predict that the new product could be a game-changer along the lines of the iPhone—one that could send shockwaves across the entertainment, advertising, commerce, media and gaming worlds.

What B2B SEO's Need To Know About Buyer Personas

Search Engine Land 2.20.2013

While buyer personas (user personas) are an established concept in broader B2B marketing discussions, it has taken on new life in recent years. The shift organizations are making to a digital marketing strategy coupled with innovation in technology (should) allow Internet marketers the ability to deliver effective content marketing campaigns across segmented audiences or targeted groups.

How to Use Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Examiner 2.21.2013

Do you use hashtags in your social media marketing? What if someone else is using the same hashtag about a totally different topic? Even worse, what if your competitor is using the same hashtag about the same topic? Before you just throw any word or phrase out there and decide to use it as your hashtag, there are a few things you’ll want to consider to maximize your hashtag’s exposure.

100+ Frequently Used Digital Marketing Acronyms

Econsultancy 2.20.2013

When I first started working in the internet industry, back in 1874, a colleague said to me that I shouldn’t be daunted by the ridiculous number of acronyms that are seemingly used on a daily basis. I’d learn them in good time, he said. There was no need for panic stations.

The Evolution of Modern Marketing Automation

Search Engine Journal 2.22.2013

Throughout history, businesses have discovered ways to promote their goods and

services to potential customers. And through intense competition, modern marketing was born. As technology becomes more embedded in the lives of consumers, marketing has evolved at an extremely fast pace.

URL on Bus Shelter Ad Rewards You With Ride in Lamborghini or Dog Sled

Adweek 2.21.2013

While TNT has set the bar pretty high for interactive stunts in public spaces (in Holland, at least), there's still something charming about this "Best Bus Stop Ever" video from mobile firm Qualcomm. When commuters responded via mobile to a Qualcomm URL advertised on a bus shelter, the site triggered a real-world experience, such as a woman offering a ride in a Lamborghini for those who responded to the ad labeled "In a hurry?

From the [L]earned Media Blog

Introducing MeCam: A Hands Free Body-Worn Video Camera For All

[L]earned Media Blog 2.22.2013

Have you ever been at a concert or a party where you wish you could take a video or photo instantly, but you miss the moment because you have to pull out your iPhone or digital cam? Well, we have found the solution to your problem! Introducing MeCam, a hands free body-worn video cam that allows you to capture life as it’s happening.

Trend Alert: Celebrities as Exec. Creative Directors

[L]earned Media Blog 2.19.2013

As brands have evolved from using traditional marketing strategies such as a TV or print ads, to creating branded content stories surrounding their products, we are now witnessing the latest trend in brands’ tactics to market themselves. Since the start of the new year we have seen an increasing number of celebrities being named as marketing executives for brands. Instead of having marketers pay celebrities endorsement deals to say how much they love their products, brands are giving the celebs the creative power to “call the shots” in the marketing campaigns.

A Recap Of SeatGeek’s On Deck Sports And Technology Conference

[L]earned Media Blog 2.15.2013

This past week I had the opportunity to attend the OnDeck Sports and Technology Conference presented by SeatGeek and RSE Ventures that showcased many professionals from across the sports industry who focus their efforts on advancing technology and media in sports.

Introducing [L]earned Media’s YOURL & How To Make Your Own URL Shortener

[L]earned Media Blog 2.11.2013

[L]earned Media is proud to introduce our new shortened YOURL – lrnd.me. What is a YOURL you may ask? YOURL stands for Your Own URL and we think it’s great.

Pepsi Max “Uncle Drew” TV Commercial Creates Earned Media Buzz

[L]earned Media Blog 2.8.2013

When you think of a successful TV commercial, what comes to mind? Within the past year many top companies including Pepsi, State Farm and Nike have been captivating audiences over TV commercials with their campaigns using superstar athletes. These athletes have not simply been promoting the brand by saying how much they love some product, such as Peyton Manning’s endorsement with Buick.

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