Four national broadcast syndication companies rank among the top ten national television sales organizations for delivering "value for the investment" according to the 26th Annual Myers Survey of Advertising Executives on National TV Sales Organization Performance, which was released to Jack Myers Media Business Report subscribers last week.

Among total respondents, 20th Television, CBS Television Distribution, and Disney*ABC Domestic Television were ranked 1-3 for Value for the Investment among 48 sales organizations included in the survey. More than 70% of respondents who were familiar with each organization identified them as a "Market Leader" or "Market Achiever" (4/5 on a 5 pt. scale). Warner Bros Domestic Television ranked 7th (4th among media agency planners and buyers); NBC Universal Television Syndication ranked 16th; and Sony Pictures Television ranked 21st. See the Top 21 Chart below, ranking national TV sales organizations for Value for the Investment.

Among broadcast networks, CBS-TV ranked first (4th among all 48 organizations) followed by FOX-TV (8th overall). The leaders among cable TV networks for Value for the Investment are AdultSwim/Cartoon Network, Turner Sports, ESPN, USA/SyFy, Fox News, Fox Cable Entertainment, Fox Sports, History, ABC Family and Turner Entertainment. Cinema sales rep National Cinemedia ranked 11th overall and 4th among media agency executives. (See chart below)

The Myers survey asked 250 advertiser and agency executives to rate those sales organizations with which they are familiar for five performance criteria:

· Quality Sales Team and Customer Service
· Value for the Investment
· Multi-Platform Brand Extensions & Integration
· Effective Upfront & Sales Presentations
· Relevant Research Support & Insights

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Jack Myers Media Business Report
2011 Survey of Advertising Executives on National TV Sales Organization Performance
% Rating as Market Leader/Achiever (4/5 on 5 pt. Scale)
1. 20th Television (Syndication)
2. CBS Domestic Distribution (Syndication)
3. Disney*ABC Domestic Television (Syndication)
5. Adult Swim/Cartoon Network
6. Turner Sports
7. Warner Bros Domestic TV
9. ESPN Customer Marketing & Sales
10. USA/Syfy
11. National Cinemedia
12. Fox News
13. Fox Entertainment Cable
14. Fox Sports
15. History
16. ABC-TV
17. ABC Family
18. NBC Universal Television (Syndication)
19. Turner Entertainment Sales (TBS/TNT)
20. Screenvision
21. Sony Pictures Television

Based on total respondents familiar with each organization. 48 national TV sales organizations were rated and ranked. Full report data is available exclusively to subscribers of Jack Myers Media Business Report. Survey conducted February/March 2011 among 243 pre-qualified National TV Advertising Decision-Makers from advertisers and agencies. Respondent base varies based on percent of respondents familiar with and rating each organization. USE OF THIS DATA FOR MARKETING AND/OR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES IS RESTRICTED EXCLUSIVELY TO CORPORATE SUBSCRIBERS TO JACK MYERS MEDIA BUSINESS REPORT. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT

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