Village Soapbox: Automotive Advertising, Hallmark Goes Country, Carole Baskin, Ageism, New York Interconnect and Political Advertising, and Semantics

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Happy Friday! I think we can admit that this has been an especially stressful week for us all. So, before we head deep into a recap on the best insights and stories from MediaVillage, we thought it might be a little useful to clue you in on something that might help you relax this weekend.

We noticed a streaming phenomenon that’s picked up some traction over the past few weeks on YouTube: virtual relaxing walks around the globe. In most cases, a YouTuber has put a 360° camera on a selfie stick and filmed his or her walk for around 45 minutes or so. We have found it mesmerizing to watch; especially as many of these videos are of places that are typically packed with tourists, so you actually get a more pristine view of the locations.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Nightwalk from Shibuya to Shinjuku

Tel Aviv Promenade

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

We hope you find some Zen and relaxation in those videos. (They are especially powerful when viewed in VR.)

Now, onto this week in MediaVillage:

Automotive expert Jim Motavalli takes a look at some recent data from Kantar that points to confusion on the effectiveness of digital, even as budgets continue to pour in, and shifts in creative strategy that have to be as agile as the fickle and conflicted consumers they are trying to reach. Read Jim’s story, “Do Automakers Understand Digital Advertising, asks Kantar?, exclusively on MediaVillage.

Chief television and content critic Ed Martin reflects on how different the TV world is as the seasons change. The fall season, which has always been the kick-off of a full slate of brand-new programming and fresh content from returning series, is clearly different. But will it remain so? Read Ed’s thoughts in “Is this the End of the Fall Season? Or the Start of Something Else?”

If you’re a country music fan or fan of Hallmark Channel, don’t miss Steve Gidlow’s exclusive interview with Niall Matter, who plays the role of a country music songwriter in the premiere of Country at Heart. Matter gives some insight on how his love of music throughout life prepared him for the role. “Niall Matter Hits the Right Note in Hallmark Channel’s Country at Heart

Award-winning global marketing leader Raquelle Zuzarte provides an overview of Jack Myers’ most recent Leadership Conversation on the challenge of ageism in the advertising and marketing world. Zuzarte notes four key proof points that are critical in combating a form of media planning and marketing bias that has existed for decades. This is an important read! “Disproving Age Bias, In The Groove Captures Potential of Active 50+ Female Consumers” If you missed this remarkable Leadership Conversation on ageism -- a truly engaging discussion -- you’re in luck, because you can view the entire conversation right here.

Former senior CIA analyst and current MediaVillage columnist (In the National Interest) Kent Harrington has penned an article on the impact of a sound-bite, tweet-driven, short-attention-span culture on elections and politicking. Check out Kent’s view in his missive “Radical Socialism vs. Law and Order:What’s in a Name?”

Speaking of politics, I humbly invite you to read my latest piece on the local elections in the tri-state area and the important role that the New York Interconnect provides in facilitating the communication between the candidates and the populace. COVID-19 and new addressable technologies have combined to make this an election year unlike any other. Read “Area Politicians Stepping Up Media Sophistication to Keep Up With Evolving Landscape” and feel free to drop me a line at to tell me what you think.

Our insider in Hollywood, Steve Gidlow, had a chance to sit down with the (in)famous Carole Baskin who was the first person ever to be booted off of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars on a Disney-themed night. Hear what this unique personality who came to light on Netflix’s “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” has planned next. “Carole Baskin Talks About a Possible New Reality Show”.

Please mark your calendars and sign up to what will be the highlight of your upcoming week, the third in a series of conversations between MediaVillage’sJack Myers and MoffetNathanson’s Michael Nathanson, two of the top media forecasters and analysts in the business. The two have been comparing notes and thoughts since COVID began on how robust the media economy is and will be, how media consumption changes have been hyper-accelerated due to the pandemic, and who the winners and losers are in this environment. Both prognosticators will regroup this Tuesday, October 6 to discuss their latest views with a keen eye towards what this all means for 2021. Please register today for the Myers/Nathanson Economic Update and 2021 Forecast

Wishing you all a safe and healthy weekend.

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