The 10 Most Popular MediaVillage Thought Leadership Articles in 2015

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Informative, often opinionated, sometimes controversial and always thought provoking – MediaVillage contributors bring you the best in media and advertising thought leadership. Here we’ve gathered the best of the best. These are the 10 most-read articles published on in 2015 in order of popularity. If nothing else, the list hints at an industry undergoing huge change – change that will undoubtedly generate a lot more fascinating commentary in 2016.

The Advertising Industry as We Know It is About to Blow Up!

Mike Drexler wonders whether there is anything we can really do to save the industry from itself.

Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Busch Media Group was Ahead of Its Time

Media industry veteran Blaise D’Sylva responds to David Smith’s column "Disarming the Ad Bomb," which was itself a response to Mike Drexler's explosive article.

iHeartMedia: AM/FM Radio Is Still in the Driver’s Seat

Radha Subramanyam explores how and why AM/FM radio remains the go-to entertainment choice for mobile American consumers.

Why OOH Advertising is a Potential Winner in the Battle for Eyeballs

Nurlan Urazbaev explores how out-of-home advertising stands to benefit from the crisis of the “interruption model” of advertising.

What the Heck is Going on at Starcom?

Brian Jacobs gets to the root of why agency giant Starcom performed so poorly in 2015’s Mediapalooza.

GroupM: Facebook, Google and the Loss of Perspective

Rob Norman believes Facebook and Google have discovered the Higg's Boson, or “God Particle”, of media data.

Radio Redux: Why You Might Be Missing the Masses

Michael Kassan highlights how digital video did not kill the radio advertising star.

The Web’s 25 Safest Sites for Advertisers

Jack Myers reports on some key data from a MyersBizNet survey of 360 agency and advertiser executives.

Five Future Looking Trends in Media and Marketing

Jack Myers forecasts the media and advertising trends set to have the biggest impact in the industry.

Hulu Asks: Mobile First? What About Living Room First?

Hulu’s Peter Naylor turns conventional wisdom on its head and says it’s still the TV that rules the digital video space.

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