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Happy Friday! What a packed week it's been in the industry with consumer tech announcements like the newest version of the Apple Watch, updated iPads, the seriously upgraded (and less expensive, $299) Oculus Quest 2, and the release date announced for PlayStation 5 on November 12. All of these devices will have both short- and long-term impact on how consumers of all ages access their media and engage with brands.

Some big news on the media agency front. MediaVillage congratulates Omnicom's Catherine Sullivan on her new role as CEO of Omnicom's media buying agency, PHD, Ralph Pardo on his new role as CEO of Hearts & Science, and Geoffrey Calabrese on his move into the Chief Investment Officer role for Omnicom Media Group.

This was also a great week in the MediaVillage world with Jack Myers hosting a well-attended Leadership Conversation with NCM's Cliff Marks, Regal Cinema's Ken Thewes, and special guest entertainment reporter and host, Maria Menounos. The group discussed the re-opening of movie theaters, safety measures, consumer confidence in the movie going experience, and the overall importance of going to the movies in the new entertainment landscape. Bonus: An extended trailer of the new James Bond movie! If you weren't able to join, you can access the Leadership Conversation video by clicking here.

While we are on the subject of Hollywood, Steve Gidlow gives you a peak behind the virtual curtain of Television's Biggest night, the EMMYS (Sunday September 20 at 8pm EDT). This year's entirely virtual ceremony will be the most challenging that's ever been attempted. In addition to the pandemic and tech challenges, the California fires also could disrupt the entire broadcast. Read on how everyone is preparing in EMMYS Go Virtual: Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Preview.

The IAB held its Annual Podcast Upfront and the host of the "Tomorrow will be Televised" podcast and regular MediaVillage columnist, Simon Applebaum followed every moment of it. Catch up with all of the big announcements made during the event with Simon's summary: "Audio Goes Mainstream: IAB's 2020 Podcast Cascade".

Speaking of podcasts, MediaVillage's audio columnist, Alli Romano takes a look at NPR's successful history podcast, "Throughline" and interviews the co-hosts and producers Ramtin Arablouei and Rund Abdelfatah whose unique backgrounds are enabling them to make history lessons incredibly compelling. NPR's Throughline isn't Your High School History Class.

FreeWheel'sChief Product Officer, Jon Whitticom, has penned a thoughtful analysis on how the events of 2020 have forever changed the relationships between buyers and sellers.2020 in Hindsight: How this Year is Changing the Media Buyer/Media Seller Dynamic

Former CIA Analyst and MediaVillage contributor, Kent Harrington, reviews the launch of a new three-hour nightly centrist news show on WGN America, "NewsNation". WGN's NewsNation Bets on the Middle of the Road: A New Venture and an Old American Story.

Mark your calendar for next Tuesday, September 22 at 1pm EST for the next Jack Myers Leadership Conversationas Jack tackles the topic of ageism in the industry with guests Susan Feldman, co-founder of One Kings Lane and the new lifestyle destination for age-defying women, "In the Groove", industry legend and Chairman Emeritus of DDB Worldwide Keith Reinhard, Age Wave's Ken Dychtwald, and MediaVillage's columnist of "The Age of Aging" Peter Hubbell. Register HERE to join.

Have a wonderful and healthy weekend, and to those celebrate the Jewish New Year, Shana Tova, Happy 5781!

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