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This week we celebrated International Women’s Day, and March is Women’s History Month. So I dedicate this week’s Village Soapbox to the women that have influenced my life and career from my teachers, to my mother, Rachel Minsky and grandmothers Sophie Minsky and Clara Fleischman, to those in the media industry like Susan Carbone, Valerie Muller, Andrea McDonald, Susan Schiekofer, Carla Hendra, Monica Karo, Gail Stein, Maria Mandel, and Brandie Feuer. And, of course, my wife Debbie and my daughters, Maya, Ellie, and Ava. You all make me better.

This Week at Advancing Diversity

This week, The Female Quotient launched its new content platform at, where original profiles, articles, and The FQ on-demand live streamed panels can be viewed. MediaVillage and welcome Shelley Zalis and The FQ and we invite you to visit the site to view their full International Women’s Day line-up of panels.

Kate Byrne editor of takes a look at the progress that women have made over the past two decades and the glass ceilings that have still not been shattered. Watch Byrne’s latest video, International Women's Day Forward Movement: Women Leaders Making Inroads in Key Industries.

Kate also speaks with Ann Weeby, vice president of Workforce Innovation at Salesforce who leads their efforts to recruit Military Veterans into the Salesforce ecosystem. Learn some of Weeby’s tips for veterans and watch Service Leadership the Common Thread Across Many Fields that Leads to Innovation..

David Alberts, co-founder of BeenThereDoneThat issues a call to action to commit to diversity of thought and discusses how anonymity, while not the end goal, can be a bridge tool to increase diverse voices. Do you agree? Check out  Calling All Female Creative Directors.

Leading LGBT+ expert, Kryss Shane provides a guide for companies on how best to present themselves authentically when representing LGBT+ in marketing communications. This is an essential read, so don’t miss LGBT+ Visibility: In Public.

Columnist Larry Samuel of The Age of Aging looks at trends around aging that may have a negative impact on the cosmetics industry, but is having a positive mental impact. ReadIt’s Beautiful: More Women are Rejecting Anti-Aging and Embracing Aging.

This week’s episode of The Pool sees Philip McKenzie speaking with the Senior Vice President of MultiCultural Networks and Strategy at Up Entertainment, Melissa Ingram. Ingram shares insights into the network’s strategy to be synonymous with Black Lifestyle. Watch this week’s The Pool: AspireTV’s Mission to Own Black Lifestyle Programming.

This Week in MediaVillage Knowledge Exchange

This was a big week in the release of several terrific research and insights reports.

Charlene Weisler speaks with Heather Coghill, senior director of audience insights at Effectv about the trends and insights in their recently released TV Viewership Report, which, by the way, you can download from the link in Effectv’s Heather Coghill Reveals Surprising New Insights from the 2H 2020 TV Viewership Report..

Did you know that digital audio listening has surpassed traditional AM/FM time for the first time? Did you know that Audio advertising expert, Alli Romano is going to take you through the highlights of Pandora’s newly released2021 Definitive Guide to Audio.Well now you do, so read Pandora’s Definitive Guide to Audio Mixes Up the Perfect Cocktail and then download the guide for free (link in the article).

Cadent has released a new report in conjunction with Brand Innovators and TV[R]EV around CTV, Addressable and advanced advertising. You can download the report here.

What kind of music are you in the mood to listen to right now? Do you need some Van Halen to get you pumping? Are you in the mood to wallow in break-up tunes with Olivia Rodrigo? Alli Romano speaks with Vevo’s Bryon Schafer about their new AI driven feature that matches music to your mood and creates a new way for marketers to relate to consumers. Get into a mood to learn with To Create the Best Environment, Vevo Gets Brands in the Mood

In this week’s edition of Jack Myers’ Legends & Leadershear from Karna Crawford, head of consumer activation strategy and media for Verizon Consumer who discusses her background and her unique perspective of the marketing world fueled by a degree in bioengineering. Watch Karna Crawford - Inspiring Future Leaders and Driving Media Industry Change.

Industry icon Rishad Tobaccowala talks turds. Yes, in his latest Restoring the Soul of Business column, Tobaccowala guides us on how to avoid self-destruction by identifying, avoiding and calling out fatal-flaw decisions that companies often make. Read The Turd on the Table.

In this edition of HISTORY’s Moment in Media, we look at the history of internet advertising. If you need a primer or a refresher on the industry to which you are actively involved, read HISTORY’s Moment in Media: The Internet Ad Revolution.

Charlene Weisler also reported on the recently released Buying Black: A Guide to Black Owned Local Businesses in the Philadelphia Area, authored by the Philadelphia chapter of Publicis Groupe’s VivaWomen of Color Business Resource Group (BRG). Learn how this has become an essential tool and Publicis’ plans to launch Black Owned Business Directories for additional cities.

Brian Jacobs looks at both sides of the personalization debate and the benefits of imitation in   Search and Reapply.

In this week’s View from the Grandstand, Justin Paura speaks with Corey Petruccelli, senior director of national ad sales at New York Interconnect (NYI) about both the short-term and long-term impact of the pandemic on cable TV viewership of sports. Listen to Sports on TV in a Pandemic World, only on MediaVillage.

Speaking of sports (and the New York Interconnect), it’s that time of year again, March Madness, and it seems a little bit more stable than what we were all feeling last year. Read up on a step back to normality in Return of March Madness is a Slam Dunk for Brands.

John Donahue continues his journey into programmatic focusing his keen insights onto Facebook. Get smarter by reading Facebook: Winning the Biggest Auction of Them All.

Bill Harvey looks at how the tide is turning from efficiency to effectiveness, value and quality in The New Advertiser Emphasis on Quality of the Experience.He continues his thoughts with a thorough analysis on print, which was always considered a “quality” medium.

The Ad Council launches a new campaign to educate and promote the COVID-19 vaccination efforts. The campaign features, almost all the living former Presidents of the United States. Learn more in Past Presidents Join the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s National COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative.

This Week in TV/Video Download

Ed Martin looks back at a landmark episode of The Partridge Family that was certainly progressive for its time. Come on get happy and read Martin’s That Time When “The Partridge Family” Deconstructed Feminism.

Check out why Jacqueline Cutler believes that OWN’s Queen Sugar is one of the best shows on television and why you should be watching it now! Read her review in Oprah Winfrey, Ava DuVernay are Behind OWN’s “Queen Sugar” and You Should Be, Too!.

Ainsley Andrade checks out a YouTube Original, that showcases the achievement of Black artists, storytellers and creators. Read Andrade’s review in YouTube’s “Black Renaissance”: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised; It’s Streaming!.

This Week in Media

MediaVillage congratulates Gina Garrubbo, president & CEO of NPR, a valued MediaVillage member, who was named Chair of IAB Board of Directors.

Congratulations to Publicis for picking up the Global Media assignment for Unilever.

Leichtman Group is reporting that cable and telco broadband subscriptions skyrocketed 190% in 2020. Cable operators now have 72.8mm broadband subs while telco have 33mm. Keep an eye on this split though as 5G for the home begins its roll-out.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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