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By The Myers Report Archives
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I know you're inundated with e-mails and social media but I hope you've noted the expansion and rebranding of the MyersBizNet Knowledge and Relationship Network.

You've received messages and social updates announcing the launch of theMediaVillage and the addition ofStuart Elliott to our editorial team joining editor Ed Martin, Simon Applebaum and Charlene Weisler. The MediaVillage Content and Relationship Networks are 100% funded by MyersBizNet corporate members to serve your needs and interests. Our team focuses our energies on being an advocate for the media and advertising business and providing you with research, tools, resources and networking opportunities that are exclusive and differentiated. In the next several months, we'll be sharing with you opportunities to more actively benefit from, participate in, contribute to and become a sponsor of the MediaVillage Content Network and the MediaVillage Relationship Network.

We've packaged the MediaVillageContent Network to clearly identify the editorial focus and relevance to you of our exclusive content:

  • MediaBizBloggers: Thought-leadership commentaries from industry executives and MyersBizNet member companies such as Turner Broadcasting, YouTube, iHeartMedia, DPAA, GroupM and Havas Media.

  • TomorrowToday: MyersBizNet's exclusive b2b market research surveys, weekly market analytics, economic forecasts, insights and trend updates for MyersBizNet member companies.

  • Planet Ed: TV and video reviews, analysis and recommendations, including Upfront presentation reviews.

  • Wall St. Speaks Out: Media and advertising industry perspectives from leading Wall St. analysts.

  • Lunch at Michael's: Re-launching after a five-year hiatus with an interview with AMC and Sundance Channel president Charlie Collier.

The MediaVillage Relationship Networkhas been expanded online with exclusive purpose-focused content:

  • WomenAdvancing: Content and community supporting multi-cultural diversity, dual mentoring and networking, serving 7,500 members in the advertising, media, tech, entertainment and marketing careers.

  • 1stFive: Content and networking focused on attracting young and multi-cultural talent to the media and advertising community, providing cohort support, on-boarding tools for MyersBizNet members and dual mentoring initiatives to integrate young people into our community.

  • Media Legends: Content and networking focused on sharing the knowledge and experiences of the leaders who built the modern media and advertising business, hosted by Simulmedia, NBCU and MyersBizNet.

You've also no-doubt been asked to contribute to the crowd-funding of my new book The Future of Men, and if you haven't already, please support it today! As witnessed by the recent cover article in The Economist, the issue of men's changing role in society, business, culture, relationships, marketing and media is emerging as this decade's major challenge. I'm proud to follow up the success of Hooked Up Generation and my early recognition of Millennials as an important and multi-faceted audience with The Future of Men: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century.The book and related content available at MediaVillage personify the unique and exclusive diversity of trend identification and marketing guidance MyersBizNet delivers to our members. The Future of Men video series featuring YouTube celebrity Jacqui Rossi, a 25-year old Harvard grad and comedian, is already going viral and the book will change your view of the women's rights movement and the narrative we teach our young men as they enter their adult years. It shares radical ideas on the future of advertising and media as marketers recognize an important and growing new male consumer hierarchy.

MediaVillage and all our work at MyersBizNet is dedicated to supporting the needs, interests and revenue-generating priorities of our member companies. We serve the advertising and media community; our success and growth are dependent on your participation and support. Please share your feedback, guidance, suggestions and ideas to assist us as we expand our services and resources.

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