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Legends & Leaders honors those who have shaped the modern media, marketing, and advertising industries and recognizes today's emerging leaders. Here, our Legends & Leaders share their experience and knowledge through thought leadership and video interviews. Legends & Leaders is underwritten by NBCUniversal. Through their generous sponsorship, we are able to gather the Legends & Leaders community for exclusive dinner and cocktail events. â€‹View our current Legends & Leaders here.



Jack Myers

For more than 30-years, Jack Myers has been the go-to vi...

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David Houle

David Houle is a global futurist, strategist and speaker...

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Ken Beaulieu

Ken Beaulieu is Vice President of Marketing and Communic...

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Steve Fajen

Mike Drexler and Steve Fajen have managed media planning...

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Steve Blacker

Steve Blacker has been a corporate executive at Time Inc...

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Jerry Shereshewsky

Chief Grown-Up GrownUpMarketing.com Jerry has been at th...

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Steve Grubbs

Steve Grubbs is founder and president of Second Act Medi...

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Matthew Kearney

Matthew Kearney has been working in the media in London ...

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Media Legends

On June 6, Simulmedia’s Dave Morgan and Jack Myers...

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Kay Koplovitz

Kay Koplovitz  is the founder of USA Network and th...

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Hanna Gryncwajg

Hanna Gryncwajg has been RLTV‘s Senior Vice Presid...

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