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After being told all their lives to “be a man” and “man up,” today’s men are rejecting macho stereotypes, rewiring their emotional lives, and taking on more involved roles in parenting. Women are powering up, capturing control and influence that was not available to them in the past. While these positive strides for women are important and welcome, the changes in women’s jobs, finances, and responsibilities are affecting men considerably, leaving today’s young men caught in the crosshairs between conventional definitions of masculinity and emerging behavioral expectations.

The Future of Men examines gender—in modern relationships, business, education, advertising, sports, politics, and more—and how it is influencing the way Americans live, providing tools to help men, and especially younger men (and those who love them), recognize and embrace new behaviors as they navigate this shift in gender norms. Exploring the challenges now confronting men and the evolving definition of a “real man,” The Future of Men is a guide for all to achieve health and happiness at work, at home, and in their relationships.


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