1stFive Council focuses on advancing talent acquisition, retention and leadership development initiatives in the marketing community. Prioritizing multi-cultural diversity, the 1stFive Council supports our members’ talent acquisition and retention needs and provides counsel to entry-level talent. 1stFive organizes:

  • experiences to help young people navigate the first years of their careers,
  • mentoring and initiatives to provide opportunities and experiences available beyond their day jobs;
  • the 1stFive Summer Intern Experience, creating a welcoming environment and contacts that may last them throughout their careers;
  • Job Fairs in association with colleges and universities and at leading events such as CES; o intensive Fellowship programs that immerse future leaders in career expansion programs; o college loan relief programs.
  • Learn more about the 1stFive initiative and those who have benefitted from our programs at www.1stFive.org
  • college loan relief programs