CBS Owned Television Stations Reaches 43 Million Households


CBS Television Stations owns and operates full-power TV stations in 17 of the largest TV markets in the country. The combined household reach of all the TV stations is approximately 43 million.


Determined by matching the FCC contour maps to the U.S. Census Data county maps and then tallied on market basis.

Wal-Mart Generated $124 Billion in Sales in CBS Owned TV Markets


Wal-Mart is currently airing their national TV commercial "Walmart October Savings Event" which currently ranks number 5 in the number of advertiser TV airings in the past 30 days according to

Total Locations

Advertiser locations are estimated by dividing the number of housesholds in the US by the number of total locations reported by the advertiser and then assigning locations based on each TV market's household count.

Ford Sold More Than 800,000 Cars In CBS Owned Television Stations Markets


The 2014 Ford Escape national TV spot has aired 1,166 times and the 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid national TV spot has aired only 368 times according to

Car Dealer Sales

Car dealer locations are sorted by zip code and matched to markets. Location data is licensed from a third party. Data is adjusted to match the total locations reported by National Automobile Dealers Association. Unit sales estimated by locations (and markets and networks) using publicly reported unit sales by car manufacturers.

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