Advertisers wanting to see what viewers of Lifetime’s Will & Grace are purchasing are just a few clicks away from finding out, using TRA’s Media TRAnalytics® StoryFinder™ report. In this case, Fabric Softener Liquid, External Analgesic Rub, and Energy Drinks rank among the highest in terms of Purchaser Rating Points™ for the program. StoryFinder™ also provides advertisers with vital information such as which categories indexed lowest for the program. For Will & Grace, products such as Cough Drops, Batteries and Hot Cereal would do well to not waste their media spend on this program. With this information, advertisers are able to streamline their media buys to eliminate any unnecessary wasteful spending by reallocating their media spend to programs that provide them with a higher return on investment. Networks are also using StoryFinder™ to know exactly which advertisers would benefit the most from advertising on their programs. To learn more about TRA, please visit