Watch Now: Is it Now or Never for Advanced TV? Join Marcien Jenckes, Jamie Power, Kevin Arrix, Bill Harvey, and Jack Myers

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Even prior to COVID-19 shaking up the advertising and entertainment industry, broadcast and cable TV has been barreling towards a fundamental shift in how programming is monetized. Hybrid models via SVOD are now a main revenue stream across the three major broadcast nets (CBS All Access, NBC Peacock, and ABC via Hulu/Disney+).

Watch the Jack Myers Leadership Conversation  for a no-holds barred discussion on the future of television and the challenges and opportunities that Advanced TV brings to the marketplace. Jack will be joined by Dish Media's Kevin Arrix, Cadent's COO of Advanced TV  Jamie Power, Comcast Advertising's President Marcien Jenckes, and Godfather of Addressable Media and legendary MediaVillage columnist Bill Harvey

Demographic-centric targeting with low accountability of business outcomes, strong-arm purchasing of less desirable inventory to secure the more premium opportunities, arduous cancellation options (especially in the rear view mirror of the pandemic) and anachronistic Upfront commitment calendars are giving way to an audience-centric, addressable, flexible, and more sensible model. Nielsen and others are testing addressable to the HH level with national TV inventory. It appears real change is happening. Or is it?

  • Legacy systems die hard and as the country begins to open up, will old habits overtake the momentum?
  • Can addressable reach a meaningful scale or will marketers find that the challenge of viewing quintiles limits their ability to drive volume.
  • As consumers move steadily into viewing their content via IP through mobile, OTT, and VR is it too little, too late?
  • Can we ever achieve that elusive unicorn of a "common currency"? Is there even such a beast?

In the recently released The Myers Report Survey of Advertising and Agency Executive on Perceptions of 80 Sales Organizations, fielded just prior to the COVID-19 crisis, respondents were asked to identify the media companies in which they expected to increase ad investments. Not one of the major broadcast or cable nets made it to the top 10, while innovative, digital video plays like TikTok, Hulu, YouTube, Roku, Instagram, and Twitch all broke through. Agencies and their clients are increasingly screen-agnostic and are doubling down on their investments in data-focused options.

Commentary written byJeff Minsky.

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