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Sometimes when the workday picks up, you miss reading those off-the-charts popular articles that publish while you were swamped. No worries. We've got you covered. In our "Best of 2019" series, we recap the top member and topic-specific content, so you can see what you might have missed. This time, we're taking a moment to catch up on the top content from and about Xandr.


The Very Relevant Story of Kirk McDonald and the Xandr Brand

I managed to grab a half hour for a podcast with Kirk McDonald between his back-to-back meetings at CES 2019. Why is he so busy? He's the chief marketing officer of Xandr, the advertising and analytics division of a little company called AT&T. We began by discussing his bio, which makes excellent use of storytelling — starting off with a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow stanza about perseverance and ending with his personal mission statement about trust. Listen to the full conversation with McDonald, including why he places so much importance on storytelling in marketing

Xandr's Jason Brown on "Addressing" Brand Challenges Across the TV Ecosystem

In real estate, a property's value depends on "location, location, location." For media companies during Upfront season, the signifier of importance is "timing, timing, timing." For media insiders, AT&T's advertising arm, Xandr, scheduling its Upfront the same week that ABC, CBS, NBC, Univision Fox and The CW are producing events is notable and signifies a particularly high level of buying community interest in, and respect for, the company's offerings. What's more notable, for Xandr's Jason Brown, is the importance of the role Xandr plays in the overall television ecosystem. Read why.

Xandr's Catherine Williams: Mathematician, Storyteller, Leader

Telling stories is at the heart of the advertising business. Anyone who's seen Mad Men,Bewitched, or the Super Bowl, knows as well as the most experienced brand manager that how brands tell stories and how they execute their advertising is important. Read here to find out how Williams has used her experiences in mathematics to rock the industry through storytelling.

How Clypd Accelerates Xandr's Position in Advanced TV

Demonstrating its commitment to TV advertising, Xandr acquired clypd, a data-driven sell-side TV platform of choice for more than 100 broadcast and cable networks that also boasts both a private and an open marketplace. Clypd will complement several of Xandr's product launches, including Xandr Monetize and its premium marketplace, Community. Read how all this will help accelerate converged buying across addressable, digital, data-driven linear, and OTT.

Xandr Is Actively Redefining Video Addressability

Queso, football, and a concert in Deep Ellum are all trademarks of a great day in Texas (well, anywhere, actually!). As a native Texan, I can vouch for that ... as can Rick Welday, president of Xandr Media, whose roles at AT&T including time living in San Antonio and Dallas. We traded best Tex-Mex recommendations and then discussed how AT&T's advertising arm, Xandr, is approaching marketers and agencies with an incrementally robust offering in the wake of the completion of the AT&T-Time Warner acquisition. Read Jeff Minsky's full interview with Rick Welday .

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