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We are a digital signage technology company whose mission is to make it easier for everyone to manage and purchase ads on digital signage.

Whether you are a small advertiser looking to purchase one location or a major brand/agency targeting a national audience, the Adomni platform enables you to easily launch and manage your OOH campaigns.

Our software platform includes:

  • An open, online marketplace that lists and sells digital-out-of-home advertising in an easy, fast and affordable way.
  • A suite of digital signage software including a cloud-based CMS, cross-platform compatible media player software, alerting and monitoring system and audience analytics.
  • Native integrations with the top hardware, software and audience intelligence companies, including Watchfire, BrightSign, Broadsign, Linkett, Admobilize and PlaceIQ.

We open the door to millions of new businesses and advertisers by providing a system to launch smarter digital out-of-home campaigns, faster.

By removing the hassles of the out-of-home buying process and empowering advertisers with easy-to-use online tools, campaigns can be launched in minutes across one of the fastest growing DOOH networks in the world.

Currently, the Adomni platform has over 60,000 digital screens available across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia.


Gary J. Evans

Gary J. Evans

Gary J. Evans is a technologist, entrepreneur, and write...

Jonathan Gudai

Jonathan Gudai

Jonathan Gudai is the Co-founder and CEO of Adomni,...

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